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I made this thread two years ago,

and looking back at it now, I was definitely wrong about the different PC online distributors, as those really just sell PC games. It would be like adding amazon as a subplatform, not sure what I was thinking.

but Steam has since become completely autonomous as a PC platform. It has its own DRM with DLC and an achivements systems seemingly completely compatible across from Xbox Live stuff. If you buy a Steam game you're completely locked into Steam, and are going to have to boot up that application and log into your subscription to play the game. Retail purchased box or not. Although that was also true two years ago, Steam has gained a significant market percentage for the Steamworks DRM and retail exclusives since then and a lot of big publishers and developers are going with Steam exclusively for PC. 2K, Activision, THQ, Bethesda, SquareEnix (Eidos), id Software, Gas Powered Games, Creative Assembly, Tripwire Interactive, FutureMark, Fatshark, Team17, Sidhe, Unknown Worlds. This makes these games completely Steam exclusive on PC. And specifically for GiantBomb if a game is Steam exclusive or uses Steamworks or not for PC should be pointed out straight on the 'general information' area for each game. This is somewhat vital information about the PC version of the game.

Also as a sidenote, people who use Steam seem to me to have a kind of console affiliation for the platform and will wait for PC games to land on the service, completely to the detriment of games that don't (a lot of indie games go here, and suffer for it).

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It's definitely worth it!

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Billabong81 said:
"Have you tried Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2?  It sounds similar to the type of game you're looking for.

Haha. This is the sequel to Soldiers Heroes of World War 2. It's seriously fantastic. Eurogamer put up a review earlier in the week,
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Rowr said:

"Cyclonus said:

It is. I'll try to move over to talking more giantbombish moving forward.

But he linked 360 reviews anyway, and again it's probably a fine game for consolers. Different expectations and history in fps games and all that.

oops, sorry about that.

what i meant to say was.

Real Reviews"

The real reviews in your link is "Users: 5.8 out of 10".
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#6 Posted by Cyclonus (59 posts) -
zitosilva said:
I was a little distracted with the camera as well, but you should get used to it very soon. I remember I felt the same thing as I started playing RE4 and half an hour later I couldn't remember how I had lived without it.

But man, this game is scary! It's mostly tension all the time, enough to keep you on your toes. To anyone who's playing it, play it with the sound very very high! I played the begining without turning on my Home Theater, and what a difference it makes! Hearing "something" (I truly still don't know what it is) banging on the ship's hull as you walk, feeling it walking around you... I'm loving this game!"

A little slow on the reply. Didn't see this post before now. Hehe. Actually, you know, I was getting used to the camera at that point.. but then I got to chapter 3 and that first part with all the small corridors and twists and turns completely fucked me up about the camera again. That labyrinth part definitely was not made for the camera. The second chapter worked really well, but the beginning to chapter 3. Damn it.

Just installed some vista and crap here, so haven't been able to get back into the game again yet. Or, I'm about to install the game again-- which is why I was checking back here. Heh.

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Sgt_T1bbs said:
"the pacing is also very nice as there isnt too much combat or exploring. its made so you never know quite when the next enemy is gonna pop up and really keeps you on edge"

yeah, it's definitely paced really really well. awesome game
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Jman522 said:
"I'm horrible creeped out when I try to play horror games, But even I really wanna play this game, I usually steer clear from horror games lol

is this game that good?

I should be picking it up soon.

Hope everyone whose got it already is enjoying it. =)"

Just played through the first chapter and half of the second one, loving it so far. The combat is so much fun, I doubt you'll have time to get scared-- the weapons are really fun to use. I usually don't get scared or startled even from cheap jump scares in games, but space games are a bit different and usually get me pretty good; see System Shock 1 and 2 and Aliens vs Predator 1 and 2.. but I have no problems at all progressing in this game. It's so much fun to play.

Did you get the game yet btw? I just noticed the thread was over a week old. Hehe.

Also, what a great game. Hehe did I mentioned how fun it is? Still not happy about the camera (mentioned this in a random thread earlier), but it doesn't detract anywhere as much as it's done for me in Far Cry 2. PC versions of both these.

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Gunner said:
"Cyclonus said:

I mostly use the cheapest sniper rifle.

It's nice.

sniper rifles are overrated. I prefer to bust into a camp in a jeep and mow as many people down with the mounted weapon as possible. Then scout the area with an AK-47. Never fails me."

I like doing this with the boats ok, as it keeps going for a while while you start shooting the mounted gun. Very nice.
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pause422 said:
"They really find messing with Fov somehow a hack? Thats kinda retarded...adjusting Fov in fps on PC is something everyone does...everyone has different preferences."

Yeah, except you can't do it from inside this game right now. So it is a hack.

Wish there was one of these for Dead Space aswell, just installed and tried it for a little while now. Great game, but the guy takes up half the screen and the fov is a little weird. I know it's a horrorgame and all and developers like fucking up the controls and playability of these to make mechanics frustration a part of the "horror", but this game is just good fun and very nice combat apart from the annoying camera.

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