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Kotaku is surely a step up on the money side of things. Pretty much a huge step down in every other way unless mindless click bait articles are a positive to you. Congrats on making more money Patrick hope it works out for you.


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Well seeing that DirectX12 isn't even out yet, I think it's fair to assume that it's a typo. ;]

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@cykke: Wow, that's really cool of them. Hopefully the 660ti can handle it.

That's probably way more than capable. I have a 560ti and I can handle Skyrim on max with tons of those HD and custom textures, beautify mods and crap. I think you're set!

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I've been trying to find out what skins are available on the non pre-order version for a while now. Even the GB reviewers don't seem to know.

I'm not sure! I'd figure there might be a few to unlock here and there throughout the game, especially for Multiplayer..

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no because TRESS TECH

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No, because hair physics

NVidia jealousy...

AMD is nice enough not to lock down the TressFX Tech. Anyone with a good enough card, Nvidia, AMD, or otherwise, will be able to use it in the game.

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I normally don't preorder for safety's sake, but I couldn't resist with console versions getting high review scores. What do you all think?

They already reported that the PC version would be the best version and if they were going to delay it, it would have been done already, not two days before release.

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Err they just look the same..

How? I will admit the Hunter one is fairly similar to her defualt in game outfit but the other two are completely different! The Aviatrix one gives her a bomber jacket and different wraps and the Guerilla one gives her a combat vests, pouches, etc.

It may not be much to you but with a game that looks as good as this these do well to add to the aesthetics and look great!

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They'll probably all sell as DLC after a month..

At which point I'd be finished with the game already! I'd like to use the Aviatrix skin during my playthrough as It looks rather cool.