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Man, that's a tough question. My mind immediately went to pause-able strategy type games that I've been playing a ton of lately, like Cities Skylines or Banished, cause I never do any reading in those now a days, but it could be tricky while trying to learn the functions of different buildings. Then again I learned most of that stuff by watching people play on Youtube, so that may be able to get you over the hump.

You may also have some luck with slower moving top down dual-joystick shooters like those Lara Croft games or Renegade Ops. Because stuff is happening all over the screen, I find they rely more on general awareness than any precise bullet-hell type dodging. Other than that, adventure games or puzzle games without text could be fruitful, have you tried Puzzle Quest?

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We'll miss you Patrick, best of luck in what ever you do next. I'm sorry to say I was one of those who was skeptical when you first showed up, but I quickly came around and Spookin' with Scoops ended up being one of my all time favorite GB features. If you are ever feeling lonely you should consider streaming some random horror game, I'll be there to keep ya company!

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Further proof that success in the previous hardware generation is no guarantee of success in this modern, HD, hard-as-shit-to-develop-for generation.

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WTF, why would they go after the little developers? Not a good way to earn sympathy.

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I'm outraged that they are trying to pass of that giant hunk of plastic as a retail product. Do you really need something bigger than the existing hardware to add one analog stick?

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Happened to me last night, hit some random button and had control of a flying camera with no clipping, which I used as an opportunity to explore the island. Unfortunately when I loaded up my game today it had been patched and it restarted my save, which had a few hours on it, back at the hotel room where the game opens, and I couldn't trigger the scripted elevator event so I had to restart the game from the beginning.

About the actual game it wasn't bad, pretty ugly to look at, but so far it's been satisfying smashing zombie skulls.

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Not the most professional thing to do.

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Grats man, sounds pretty awesome... now get back to work so I can have my Quick Looks!

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There's also a sensor bar on the new controller, so your Wii remotes could read off of that.

I'm pretty sure the Golf example they showed in the stage presentation was using this feature, where the Wii U is on the ground showing the ball and it's sensor tracks the golf swing of the Wii-mote.

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