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Also, in responce to the Giant Bomb folks start the game of the year stuff, in the vulguar words of Mickey Rourke, "sorry assholes, your quite day at the office is about to get severely fucked up"

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I, for one, love donuts.

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I for one can't wait for all this holiday madness to be over so we can get back into the original Giant Bomb content.  A new Endurance Run? Perhaps a new season of TANG?

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Grabbed these for $40.84 myself, damn Steam is awesome:
King's Bounty: Armored Princess
Indigo Prophecy
STALKER: Clear Sky
Been trying to install King's Bounty for three hours now but the download is only going at 50 Kb/s, the Steam servers must be getting swamped with holiday sales traffic.  I want to play with my self indulgent, last minute impulse buy, probably wouldn't get on any other day presents!

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The idea that Europeans or European courts should have any say over how commerce is conducted in their country is just plain stupid.  Remember, Europe is where France is!

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"big bam in the brain pan" seems more likely.

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I play as dutch in Firefight mode and when I get a head shot he occasionally say's something that sounds like "Flim flam in the brain pan".  I've been tryign to figure out what he's acutally saying and its drving me crazy, anyone know what it is?

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Ever wonder about the history of Petaluma (Giant Bomb ground zero)?  Well here's your chance to get a guided tour from the president of the internet himself, Leo Laporte.  Apparently it all started with the chicken (or the egg?).
This guy, Robert Llewellyn, films a web show while driving people around, and his guest this week is Leo, who happens to live in Petaluma.

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Who put the acid in my coffee?

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Going through Bionic Commando on commando diffulcity cause I'm a gultton for punishment.  Will finish up Prototype if theres time.  

@Brad: I'd go with GoW2, I tried getting back into GTA4 near the end and it didn't go well, there's nothing like getting 15 min into a mission (after 5 of mindless driving to a destination) just to die and start at the very begining.  You can't really appreicate checkpoints untill they are gone (of course I'm not one to talk playing Bionic Commando).