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Going through Bionic Commando on commando diffulcity cause I'm a gultton for punishment.  Will finish up Prototype if theres time.  

@Brad: I'd go with GoW2, I tried getting back into GTA4 near the end and it didn't go well, there's nothing like getting 15 min into a mission (after 5 of mindless driving to a destination) just to die and start at the very begining.  You can't really appreicate checkpoints untill they are gone (of course I'm not one to talk playing Bionic Commando).
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Well King of Kong was one of my favorite documentaires, and probably one of my favoirte movies, but that was because of the character study it turned into.  Lets hope this can live up to my wildly infalted expectations.

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Ahhh, another game straddling the line between a downloadable title and a full retail game.  Maybe it's the collector in me, but it just dosen't feel right spending $30 on a game I can't hold in my hand.

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Those Telltale guys have been known to pull a prank or two.  Give me one of the codes and I'll test it to make sure it works.

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Tim freakin Schafer, how can anyone hate EA now that they are putting this game out?

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Compared to all these other presenters Peter Moore could sell sand in the desert.

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Now you just need to set up a camera on a tripod facing out the window, and leave a bunch of tech looking stuff laying around.  Make the maid think you guys are running some kind of survalance op.

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This thread wins.

The controller with only the X button had me crackin up.
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Personally I would have gone with, 'I'm here to chew gum and make games, and I'm all out of gum'.

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Say what you will about the story in Blood on the Sand, the gameplay is solid and enjoyable.  I just got finished with my thrid play thru, and yea it's nothing new, but it keeps you entertained.  It seems like alot of people don't like it because they feel like they shouldn't.