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can you belive the bombcast wikipedia page doesn't have a section about the greatest nintendownloadable podacst ever
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tetris should only be played in black and white so they should totally do that
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I don't really see them doing so any time soon with MOH iminent, the BFBC2 Vietnam expansion coming, dead space 2 getting multiplayer and the fact they have signed up respawn entertainment and started the EA gun club. 
maybe they should just buy some more servers!  
or you could just give up playing EA shooters
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i loved golden eye but won't be investing in a wii to walk down memory lane

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when this thread started i followed 25 people now i follow 280!
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wait i see a pattern 
persona 4 
street fighter 4 
call of duty 4,2 
i'm onto you tampererererer, quick everyone to the super mario 4 page for a stakeout
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it is kind of serious but unless you expect the person guilty to just come into the forum and say 'i did it' i'm not sure why always angry can't make a few jokes


besides doesn't the page keep a record of who edits it?

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grinding and cheating are seperated by a very thin line
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okay so i have seen on some other forum posts that some people are getting annoyed at being followed just for quests and others are getting annoyed at people getting annoyed at people who are following them just for quests. 
So if you are trying to do either of those and since I didn't notice anybody else put up a thread for this then here is what i am suggesting. 
Step 1 - comment here if you are doing either of these, by commenting you are saying that you have no problem with arbituary followers doing it for a scavenger hunt. 
Step 2 - follow the other people who have commneted here. 
This way people can get both quests without whoring for followers or stepping on the over sensitive toes of others.  
Edit: I have this rapped now so follow me if you choose but don't feel obliged, I will still follow anyone who comments as a matter of courtesy or until carpal tunnel kicks in.
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can someone view my list then?