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Bought PS4 and Xbox One.

PS4 fan was loud on first night, and sometime during the night totally failed, causing system to overheat in minutes. Going through SCEA warranty has been smooth and fast (started talking to customer service on wednesday, received coffin on thursday, got confirmation of coffin reception on friday, and should get exchange unit on monday or tuesday; they're covering 100% of the cost).

Xbox One has no issues after 24 hours, but I haven't tried the disc drive.

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@gnatsol: It's related to tracking of financial data for investors and such. Microsoft needs to end the points at some time so that they can recognize all of the revenue for those points. Because they have not yet given the customer, you, some good (virtual or otherwise; virtual currency doesn't count, as far as I know) in return for the money you've given Microsoft, they cannot include that revenue as a part of their "GAAP" income on the quarterly/annual fiscal reports.

At least, I'm pretty sure that's the case.

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Really digging that first one for the morning thing. Also does @alex really have a Hitler stache?

No, it's closer to a goat patch. The image isn't framing their face, it's framing just their mouth area, under the nose.

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Xbox Gamertag is Cypher Signal

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I wonder if this is something that would be released on the App section of the dashboard, and not the game section, since, from all of the footage I've seen of it, it doesn't seem

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Don't you mean "Lorenzo DiBonaventura"?

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@nintendoeats said:

So what does the Privacy Policy say Patrick?

It says this:

Note that this policy was, effectively, in place already. The previous version of the EULA said that the PP takes precedence over the Origin EULA, and the new EULA's language is very similar, now, to the PP.

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"With few embarrassing exceptions like Kirby's Air Ride, the pink puff ball has always been a solo experience."

Are you implying that Kirby Super Star and Dream Land 3 were "embarassing exceptions"?

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There's just one on Xbox 360, Ace Combat 6. It's pretty good if you like flying around in jets and getting tone, and don't mind laughably bad writing. Dont' expect the level of dynamic action showcased in Assault Horizon, though.