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@Kazona: The reason why antialiasing doesn't work is due to the way they're doing much of their rendering (they're using deferred lighting so they can have more than a few lights in the scene without killing performance). D3D9, quite simply, cannot combine antialiasing with deferred lighting due to how AA is handled in D3D9, and it's non-trivial to do in D3D10 and 11. It might be added in a later patch, but don't bet on it.
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Specifically, the following:

  • The franchise must have had one release between the instance of the noscon and the game that the noscon is intended to follow (This would make Metroid Fusion exempt; it was released the same day as Metroid Prime. BC:Rearmed would also be exempt).
  • A remake is not a Noscon. It is a new game that directly follows a predecessor, not a remake of. (This would make BC:Rearmed exempt)
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" Army of Two fist bumps?  Fuck that shit!  How about a man hug on occasion?  Could actualy knock down the gayness by a few pegs.  "
One of the fist-bump animations in AO2: The 40th Day is, actually, giving the other character a big lift-you-off-your-feet bear hug.

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Free stuff is free stuff. Heck yeah.
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It's not a matter of quality, it's a matter of sales. Yeah, Army of Two had a ton of problems, but it sold a million units on PS3. Therefore, it's a greatest hit title.