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I'll be sad to see the first game that lifts this idea and flops on the execution. It doesn't seem like it would be nearly as successful if Monolith hadn't gone to the lengths they had in regards to the variety of dialogue and unique appearances for the Uruks.

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This is great. Thanks for sharing it here!

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@vierastalo: Even though the P4ER got me on board with GB, nothing will be able to surpass my love for the Phantasmagoria RPCG. Ripper and Burn: Cycle are also awesome.

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@castiel: Thank you for reminding me of that tragic yet beautiful video.

I wish we knew what happened to that pod racer.

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@alexw00d: Well there is a little game called Destiny due out in a month...

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This thread is painfully socially/culturally inept.

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Pretty sure the Phantasmagoria videos aren't considered an Endurance Run.

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I think butt attack should be added but the wiki doesn't really need more useless item pages to add to the clutter, so no to thong.

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Yes, they're still hilarious, the discussion is still good, and despite that they're talking about older games it is still interesting.

Only once you run out of the backlog what do you do then? :(

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Why does anyone even give a shit enough to find this offensive?

The reaction over at RPS is fucking hilarious. I enjoy that site for PC coverage but holy shit they have gotten really bad lately.