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RIP Ryan, gonna miss you everytime I watch a live show

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Thanks for showing me how helpful the GB community is. Last time I come here for help. Anyways, I think it may have to do with PSN's maintanence.

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I just got this game for PS3, and every time I try to pause the game it wants to connect to the Far Cry 3 servers and gets stuck. The only thing I can do is quit through XMB and load up the last save. Even if I disconnect my PS3 it still continues to try and connect with the server. What the fuck is this shit. Is it down for maintenance or is there something I can do. I haven't gotten past the first mission where you hunt bore because I need to access my backpack and I can't pause or it tries to connect. Ugh

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You're joking, right? It's been out for a day and there is a trophy for waking up on time for 365 days.

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My whole Wake up Club woke up! And I got First place! This is actually really cool and will help me from oversleeping. No more snooze button for me

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I'm convinced that Fed Ex and UPS are horribly evil, corrupt companies that take your package hostage unless you pay them outrageous prices to get your package on time.

Friday, I snagged the $180 Vita bundle on Amazon. I live in north eastern Ky. The package was sent from a warehouse close to Nashville TN.

Saturday it gets sent from TN, all the way to a place called Hebron, Ky. I looked it up, and that is literally the most northern point on KY's map. They missed my house by a longshot.

Sunday, they decide to send it IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. My package is now in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In two days, my package is now the same distance away from me as when it began it's trip, just in the opposite direction. Why? Because I went with the standard shipping, so fuck me, right?

Am I alone here or is this how most packages you guys buy get treated?

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Guys this is the best deal you are ever going to get. It's now or never. Buy it! I did!

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I just ordered the ACIII Vita bundle with 4GB stick, PS All-Stars, and 3 months of PS+ for only $180.

It's their Gold Box Deal of the Day, so you still have time to get it,

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Judging a fighting game based on it's story mode...