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Ever since I first joined, whenever that was. It was around the time this site was first made.

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Currently in the process of watching this. On episode 5 I believe. I have been impressed with just how good it is (although Ken's hair is... something else).

Might watch the rest of it today since I am currently confined to the couch after getting a tooth pulled.

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You know, even though I read the books and knew what was going to happen, the show still managed to somehow give me hope that Oberyn would live. I thought it was a great fight scene.

The rest of the episode I didn't find to be too bad compared to what everyone else is saying. I do think that what happened with Dany and Jorah could have been handled a lot better.

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I would think that person is like me. Depending on the context of the situation, I might try talking to them. If there were a lot of people around, I would probably just leave him alone and keep to myself -- like how I usually am in social gatherings.

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I've been listening to the new Insomnium album and also listening to Nevermore and Alice in Chains quite a bit.

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$75 million

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Suikoden VI. One can dream...

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It seems that how it became after Party Chat was introduced. You hardly hear anybody talking anymore.

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Always on C-Right. Always threw me off if I put it on one of the other C buttons.

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I have severe anxiety and tend to get major depression. This makes it tough for me to go and be productive in life. I got my associate's degree in IT from an online school which I am currently seeing as a waste of time. I am massively in debt because of going to this school and I cannot get hired because I have no job experience. Even if I were to get hired somewhere, I worry if I would even be able to go since it is hard for me to be social. My anxiety is bad enough that I get nervous just posting something on the net (whether it is here or somewhere else).

I tried taking medication for my anxiety but I suffered from some severe side effects and I refuse to try anything else. While I have been making strides on it getting better on my own, it is something I still struggle with. None of this would be too big of an issue if I was still by myself but I am not; I have a girlfriend and we have a baby with another on the way. I know that I need to provide for them (which is the reason I went into college in the first place) but all of my problems has made it very difficult. I also tend to have a lot of thoughts on things not working out with my girlfriend because of my lack of getting a job and anxiety which further irritates my problems.

So, yeah, those are some of my main big secret(s) and what I am comfortable enough to divulge. Depression, anxiety, and seeing everything as a waste. Apologies if this is hard to read but this whole thing was a big train of thought.