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I enjoyed it. I had been wanting to play it since it came out and since I got a PS4 with a free year of Plus, I finally got to try it out. I enjoyed the hell out of it, although I wish the story was a bit better. Despite that, I was surprised by the ending and enjoyed where that went.

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$60 million

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I've dealt with anxiety my whole life. Ever since I was a kid, I've had it. It was extremely tough for me to go to school (among other reasons) and it eventually got so bad in my teenage years that I essentially became a hermit and did not leave the house. I ended up going to numerous psychiatrists and tried quite a few different medications for it (the last one gave me such severe side effects that I just quit trying to fix it that way). It was only after I got with someone that I started making the steps to overcome it (especially once I became a dad). Now, while I still struggle everyday with it, I have managed to keep it in check for the most part.

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Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax

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I'm the exact same way. It's something that I've grown used to although I do definitely need to learn to be more sociable. I still haven't quite grasped that concept yet.

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Right here. I've read Warbreaker (first novel I read from him), Mistborn (just the first book so far, but I have the other two), and the Stormlight Archive books. I really have to catch up on reading Mistborn but I just have not had the time. Hopefully I can start reading them really soon since I've heard they get really good.

I think it is cool that he has his books connected in some way. I haven't really delved too far into it but I did know about Hoid. I've always enjoyed when an author does something like what Sanderson is doing.

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Monster is a really good one.

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For everyone that is playing this for the first time, enjoy! I wish I could experience it again for the first time. For me, it is one of the greatest games ever made.

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GT: Cyrus Darkwind

Would love to play now that matchmaking is finally starting to get a bit better.

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Very well done man! I enjoyed your interpretation of the songs. I'll definitely be checking out your other remixes!