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PS3 unless I get a PS4 before it comes out.

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Suikoden 6. Another "Chrono".

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I usually go with the name Cyrus. If that isn't available, I'll go with Eise.

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I'll try. I wouldn't count this as best to worst though. I love all of the games and it's hard to even rank them. With that said, let's see if I can do it...

Metal Gear Solid 2: I was one of the few that actually liked Raiden in this while everyone else was hating on him. Of course, this all changed after he turned into a cyborg. With that said, there is just something about the story and gameplay that I just enjoyed. Even moreso now that I am older and have finally made some sense out of everything.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Gameplay was much improved over 2 and the story was less convoluted and much more emotional when it came to certain things (The Boss being the major one).

Metal Gear Solid: First Metal Gear game I played. This game is what made me a fan. With that said, it is a bit dated now. Granted, I haven't played the original in a while and have only played The Twin Snakes recently (and I have my problems with it; the cutscenes being a big one). However, from what I have watched, it just looks like it would be hard to go back to.

Metal Gear Solid 4: More cutscenes than game. That said, I still like the game although it is the one Metal Gear game that I haven't gone back and played multiple times compared to the others. I did love the change in controls though.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: Got around to finally playing it because of the HD collection. Again, liked it, but didn't care much for the story and the boss fights. I understand it was originally on PSP but I thought they could have had some more memorable boss fights. Also, like 4, the controls are great. I also loved the base building aspects.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Great action game. Can't say much more since I do not remember too much about it (aside from the final boss being both awesome and a pain in the ass to fight). Plan on replaying this sometime soon.

I have not played Ground Zeroes (was going to play it whenever I get a PS4 or One) or the original Metal Gear games (not for lack of trying) so I will not say anything about them.

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Still processing this. Hard to imagine.

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A little. While I enjoyed my time with it, I have gotten bored with it. Not to mention, I thought I was going to have someone to play it which would have helped me to continue to enjoy playing it but that ended up not working out so that has also diminished my interest.

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I can think of three: Skies of Arcadia, Valkyria Chronicles and Shenmue. I cast my vote for Skies of Arcadia though.

Of course, if they were to make a Skies of Arcadia now, I can totally see them screwing it up.

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Ever since I first joined, whenever that was. It was around the time this site was first made.

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Currently in the process of watching this. On episode 5 I believe. I have been impressed with just how good it is (although Ken's hair is... something else).

Might watch the rest of it today since I am currently confined to the couch after getting a tooth pulled.

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You know, even though I read the books and knew what was going to happen, the show still managed to somehow give me hope that Oberyn would live. I thought it was a great fight scene.

The rest of the episode I didn't find to be too bad compared to what everyone else is saying. I do think that what happened with Dany and Jorah could have been handled a lot better.