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I plan on picking up Tales of Xillia.

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You should give it a shot. Like many said, the Fade is the worst part of the game.

Definitely one of my favorite games this generation (or should it be previous generation now?)

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Good read. I have heard of the game, but didn't know about the story and what it was about. If it talks about autism (whether it is hinted or not), that alone has me interested. This might be because, while I have not been diagnosed, I do believe that I have Asperger's. While it may not be the same for me, the fact that you and a friend of yours connected to the game has me wanting to try it out.

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Have to go with Xenogears on this. It is something I have been meaning to replay at some point.

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Tactics is the correct answer.

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Yes, all the time. It is something that I seem to have always struggled with. It is one of the reasons why I am so god damn nervous about finding and keeping a job. I am just someone that prefers being alone.

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A Link to the Past

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Congrats! I was in the process of playing through Dark Souls again until my Playstation decided to crap out and flash the YLOD.

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Nope. I don't like beer either.