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I have severe anxiety and tend to get major depression. This makes it tough for me to go and be productive in life. I got my associate's degree in IT from an online school which I am currently seeing as a waste of time. I am massively in debt because of going to this school and I cannot get hired because I have no job experience. Even if I were to get hired somewhere, I worry if I would even be able to go since it is hard for me to be social. My anxiety is bad enough that I get nervous just posting something on the net (whether it is here or somewhere else).

I tried taking medication for my anxiety but I suffered from some severe side effects and I refuse to try anything else. While I have been making strides on it getting better on my own, it is something I still struggle with. None of this would be too big of an issue if I was still by myself but I am not; I have a girlfriend and we have a baby with another on the way. I know that I need to provide for them (which is the reason I went into college in the first place) but all of my problems has made it very difficult. I also tend to have a lot of thoughts on things not working out with my girlfriend because of my lack of getting a job and anxiety which further irritates my problems.

So, yeah, those are some of my main big secret(s) and what I am comfortable enough to divulge. Depression, anxiety, and seeing everything as a waste. Apologies if this is hard to read but this whole thing was a big train of thought.

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That figures that they would increase the defense for Lucatiel after I just completed her quest. Good for Benhart though! Still in the process of doing his quest.

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70 million.

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I was using Cloranthy Ring +1, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1, Ring of Binding, and Ring of Blades.

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I've always battled the bosses on my own. I have always seen it as a test on if you can figure out the patterns of the boss and complete it on your own. The sense of accomplishment doing it on your own is incredibly satisfying and, for me, having someone help kind of diminishes that. A slight problem I have with this game is that they seemed to make it where you need someone to help you beat a boss. An example would be in The Lost Bastille, where you have to fight the three Ruined Sentinels. I was unable to do it on my own and I ended up summoning the NPC to help me out. While I do not mind that they incorporated the multiplayer more, I wish they would have made it where you could still beat a boss on your own without help.

This is not to say that I condemn the multiplayer. Although I've played Demon's and the first Dark Souls, this is the first time I've actually tried the multiplayer out. It has been really fun to do and I've already made some friends out of it.

I don't really understand why it would be shaming. People are different as to why they like Dark Souls and if they like fighting the bosses in co-op, who cares? It shouldn't bother anyone else and there should be no shame in it.

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@cyrus_saren: are you getting a bonus from using them together? I'm just two handing the falchion.

Yeah, I just got my stats to where I can go into power stance. I think I'm doing more damage now than just two handing one sword.

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I was walking away from the big creature in the tutorial area and then got caught on the bridge and slid off.

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Dual wielding a Scimitar and Falchion.

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Dark Souls II as soon as it gets here sometime this afternoon.

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No, more of a failure. I've gotten my associate's degree in information technology but, since I did it online, I have no experience that everyone is looking for now in this day and age so I cannot get a job.

Not to mention that even if I did get a job, I don't even know if I could keep it considering I have such severe anxiety.

So, yeah, I would not consider myself a success.