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Not really. I usually only come here to check out the forums and see what the users I follow have to say.

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Nope. Don't think I ever have.

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I wouldn't mind having some more friends. I'm not big on any multiplayer games yet though.

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Los Santos Rock Radio but, honestly, I was kind of disappointed with all of the tracks they have on the radio.

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I'd like to have it. I got some friends that are playing it and I wouldn't mind playing it with them.

I want a Final Fantasy XIV key.

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Jesus, I remember investing in Enchanted Arms. I do not think I got too far. As you said, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

Regardless, He's a good voice actor. Despite what he is usually known for, the first role I always think of when I see his name is Tenma from Monster.

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Someday I'll be able to play it.

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My family doesn't care. My girlfriend's family, on the other hand...

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I feel for all of you that are having a rough time right now. I, myself, was in the same boat as some of you 3 years ago. I was perfectly content being by myself and felt that I deserved to live (and die) alone (for reasons I do not want to get into). I was also (and still am, to an extent) anti-social and just do not like being around people. That changed, however, when I got back into contact with a girl who is now my girlfriend. We have known each other since we were kids and she has always been the only one that made me feel like my life was worth a damn. Now, while I am still anti-social, I realize now that it is actually quite terrifying for me to even think of dying alone. I think it is something I always feared but I just kept it buried. Sure, we all basically still die alone no matter what but the thought that I will at least have someone before then makes it a bit more bearable. Not to mention that, for me, I have a daughter now. She has made things better for me as well.

... I do not really know what to say but to just hang in there. Knowing someone on a personal and emotional level who cares for you really helps make being on this planet more bearable.

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While I will hold my judgment until I see some gameplay, I cannot say what I have seen and read so far makes me happy.