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dust off your CPU radiator. Heat management can make your PC slow as hell

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I was listening to some electronic music from late 90s and remembered that one:

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I remember how awesome it was knowing most of those games... And music is good enough :)

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@planetfunksquad said:

@d0m3l: As a musical guy, the fact that you think Jazz has no tempo ENRAGES ME. I DON'T EVEN THINK YOU KNOW WHAT TEMPO IS.

I might have expressed myself wrong... I meant metre

From what I understand best Jazz is about improvisation and free flow of music. And that very often involves changing metre. Jazz is great... until i hear improvised solo. It just makes me fee uneasy and uncomfortable. As if someone stabbed my spine with ice pick. Some types of music pull my happiness strings (Phil Collins or Queen), sadness (Ray Charles and all good blues) or even fun (disco or even come country). But unfortunately Jazz pulls my anxiety strings.

PS. I also don't like the fact, that I don't like something ;)

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@raethen said:

I don't know if this applies in every country, but every city in the US has a classical station of some kind (usually run by the local public radio station). If you are in the US check npr.org, and you can search for your local station, or stream it directly from the site. You will get a broad range of what classical music entails. Yesterday, my local station played a really energetic waltz followed by Chopin's Raindrop Prelude No. 15, and then a portion of an opera that I can't remember the name of. You get a weird blend of music that is tailored by the staff as opposed to random songs picked by an algorithm. You'll also get special live broadcasts from local concert halls every once in a while which is awesome. While listening to the radio station, if you hear something that clicks with you, the station's website will have a play list so you can see the name of the song you were listening to, and then branch out from there. Using this method, is also a good way to get into Jazz, as a lot of public radio stations in the US have a Jazz station as well.

This is really cool idea :) NPR gets to be good not only for some cool science podcasts :)

As for Jazz - I've tried it, and it makes.. me feel uneasy... I can appreciate skill and free flow of music, but very often it changes rhythm and tempo. As a very math-orientated guy anything without tempo bugs me.

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Hi duders!

Recently I wanted to broaden my musical tastes, so I figured out it might be nice to listen to some classical music. My entry point was typing in "Chopin" into Pandora and going from there. it makes nice background to some reading, doing some work or even playing some casual games (I neither have time nor skill to do any hardcore stuff - getting older is hard on reflexes ;) )

Any pointers would be appreciated


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I've spent 100 hours in this ocean with the depth of a puddle.

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you can take it as such. as I am not eloquent enough to articulate myself in support for online passes and such, i thought, that video would represent my view in decent manner