Best Stories in gaming

Here is a list of games/series that I feel have some of the best stories in gaming or helped pioneer new ways of delivering the story. To get on the list a story has to drive the game forward and make the gamer want to discover everything it has to offer.

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Posted by edsone

Good stuff friend. Nice choices. Ironicly the new Ninja Gaiden games have pretty shallow storylines. That said, Ninja Gaiden Black is one of my favourite action titles of all time. Regarding the deus ex game i'd rather choose the original over this one but still, interesting. Matter of taste.
Other great storylines which i enjoy include Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Psychonauts and Bioshock among a few others. 
It's hard even to rank them. The Legacy of Kain series however I can easily choose as the best in gaming. You know, the main writer, Amy Hennig, now writes for the Uncharted franchise. She's doing a great job. 
About Halo, the haters love critising but its got an amazing story. Unfortunately it's not as well told as in the first game. 
Thumbs up!