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I guess it's time to make a non-shitty knockoff?

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This is really well done, I feel bad for those who can't understand the metaphors.

Clearly none of you read The New Yorker.

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@barrock: It's not.

It's really bad.

Like "makes Dynasty Warriors look good"

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What did I just read in these comments?

I think I just saw a guy say that poor Viacom was robbed by evil Harmonix and that Bobby Kotick was a saint for donating money to veterans. Even though it could be argued that the Call of Duty franchise is fairly exploitative of the danger and horrors of war and makes it into something cheap and tawdry. He is also the guy who said

"We have a real culture of thrift. The goal that I had in bringing a lot of the packaged goods folks into Activision about 10 years ago was to take all the fun out of making video games."

I'm also all for more dance numbers in interviews as well.

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That was pretty legit.

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You price match by region, simple as that.

I am kind of shocked that XBL prices are global, but whatever.

Maybe there is some money to be made buying MS points in in cash and selling them in Europe at a small profit margin.

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I can't stand the shitty block puzzles. 
It's not just the part where they aren't fun, it's the fact that they exist purely as timesinks.

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Aaannnd there goes my goodwill towards Bethesda.

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Cool story, but I saw Sad Parade as Sad Panda. 
And everything is just that much more emo/sillier with a Panda.

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Scalia is dumb. 
If videogames lead to violence.. why is there so much less violence in America now than there was in the past? If there was a chart showing the popularity of violent games over time and a chart showing violent crimes over the same time, I have a strong feeling it would show that there is no correlation between the two. 
Bryer seems unable to look at the way a study is performed and go "oh, this thing is biased as all get-out" and thus discard the conclusions. 
Thomas is a guy who just hates fun, happiness, equality and probably himself.

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