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Anyone keen to team up and shoot mans constantly? Might be good to have a central depository here.

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I'm glad that I ended up pre-ordering for console, so I can abuse EB Games' 7 day return policy and finally put some money down for GTAV.

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I was wrong

Ahaha. What a good way to resurrect your own thread. Well done sir. In these ugly, sad times on GB, this made me laugh.

Resurrecting this again due to it being a Steam sale item this morning. It's hella fun if you enjoyed the shit out of Wolverine, because it's dumb and stupid and exactly like that game except instead of being all broody, everyone hates Deadpool and makes no secret of it. The Wolverine game is one of the few games I've ever owned that I bothered getting 1000GS in, and $20 didn't seem like that bad of a deal.

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Since discovering it a few years ago, Giant Bomb has become a part of my weekly routine, be it checking for the podcast, new video, articles, whatever; a solid amount of hours per day that used to be gaming were reduced by watching cool duders play video games through here. This is a massively unexpected shock, and I can't pass out condolances enough to all affected, whether it be the GB crew or other users here.

Thank you, Ryan, and to the rest of the GB staff.

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I'm waiting for the comparisons from Raven's XMen Wolverine game. That game was hella dope.

e: also, you know, Steam sale in like two weeks or whatever. It'll go cheap, quick.

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It's the same Naughty Dog stuff; great story and characters, lacking gameplay mechanics. Gunplay is certainly better than Uncharted, and so is the character movement, but the encounters are balls. Having to pad out ten or fifteen minutes on trial and error of what actually triggers the clickers in particular, before getting to the end and having a one hit kill performed on you is incredibly unfun, but to have it throw you back at the beginning of the encounter is more jarring on the story side of things. I'm a Hitman fanatic, and I love pondering my movements and taking my time in games, but the game part of this is fairly dismal. I love wandering around in the ruined environments, I love the way the game kicked off the story and relates a lot of it through collectables that are personal tales rather than military journal #541, but instafail gameplay belongs with faster paced gameplay than this.

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Based in Australia, will be playing it over the weekend if assignments don't end up falling by the wayside this week and I have to do them in a last minute rush. I don't have a headset unfortunately, either.

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Can someone explain to me why EVO and fighting game tournaments wouldn't be able to use an Xbone? I'm not huge into the fighting game scene, but would like to know.

Most fighting game tournaments take place in places without internet access for every station (oftentimes just an internet connection for the livestream, and sometimes not even that), and often last 3 days. If every Xbox One system required an online check every 24 hours, it'd either be a major hassle at best, or impossible at worst, to make such a tournament work. On top of that, it's extremely common for tournament attendees to play casual matches in their hotel rooms after hours, which lends itself to the same problems. It'd be far easier just to use PS4s.

Thanks! Was there ever really a play by MS into that scene anyway?

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Can someone explain to me why EVO and fighting game tournaments wouldn't be able to use an Xbone? I'm not huge into the fighting game scene, but would like to know. I wouldn't have thought that MS even made a dent in it early on this gen with the terrible d-pad compared to the PS3.

And as much as I love the service, Steam is kind of more restrictive than the Xbone in that it doesn't allow you sell or trade in games, at all. What is has got though is a lengthy history of supporting customers and consistently high service, as well as a bunch of customer goodwill and loyalty by being a groundbreaker in the digital retail space. If Steam had Origin or MS style complications in purchasing, refunds or usability, there'd be no way it would be the success it's been, and arguably digital content would not be where it is today nor would we have the same DRM issue. Most people seem to forget that Steam is DRM, and only until fairly recently has it been that offline mode actually works; until then, it had to be connected to play games as well. We all bitched and moaned about it when Half Life 2 released, and we were all certain that it would be the death of Valve, but they were able to navigate their way through a much trickier marketplace than MS have to with their console. I'm pretty sure HL2 never sold Halo or Gears Of War style numbers, and Valve had much more to risk and was still able to change policy and become a leader. This console war hasn't finished yet.

That said, I'm pretty sure I'm pre-ordering a PS4 and keeping my Steam account filled with games that I'll buy cheaply and never play before I pick up an Xbone at this stage.

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Microsoft and Xbox One is taking a lot of heat for its online DRM. Microsoft may have done this as a cash grab but it does seem like, more and more, this DRM push is coming from the publishers. If this is true, and Sony will need DRM for publishers to put out games on the PS4, how could Sony's DRM look?

Let's look at what we do know. Sony has said the PS4 will not be always online and will not have an online DRM. So end of story, no DRM, we get used games and all is right with the world. Well as college football analyst Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend! As we learned about early this year, Sony United States Patent Application US20130007892, Sony's technology would check a game disc's RFID tag, which is capable of remembering if that game had been linked to a different machine or account. This check is performed offline and before the game is played. So once a game is placed in a PS4, it is locked to that system and cannot be used in a different PS4.

If Sony has to have DRM in the PS4 because of the publishers, I would think this is how they plan on doing it. And if this is true will Sony have a system for used games at all? Any other ideas?

Hey, avatar buddy. *brofist*

Sony have had the chance to look at the massive shitstorm and back away, slowly. You can guarantee that any DRM will be less publicized and nowhere near as invasive. As for that Patent claim, aren't both MS and Sony guilty of being massive patent-hoarders? That was a while ago, before any speculation really started about publisher-backed DRM (it kicked off the discussion IIRC) and could have been a play earn some cash off of MS policy.

Although, imagine if Sony did hold some patent relating to the XBone DRM. Talk about having your cake and masturbating while slowly eating it and looking at the starving child in the eye too.