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Valiant Hearts, poor poor game got swept under the rug with one sentence in every category it was nominated except best moment. More people need to play that game.

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I was slacking heavy this year (didn't have usual time for games) so far I have finished (rogue-likes it's weird to say "finish") just 2. The Nightmare Cooperative and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I have 2 I plan on finishing before 2014 is over, Valiant Hearts and The Wolf Among Us. And one that will probably not be finished til 2015 but with the majority having been played in 2014, Batman: Arkham Origins. My game of the year would be so easy this year lol.

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Valiant Hearts and Papers, Please were my most recent acquisitions. Have already played VH for like 2 hours straight that game is SO good, it's gorgeous and the music is fantastic.

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So far have bought The Nightmare Cooperative and Pac Man Championship DX enjoying the hell out of both of them. Am waiting for hopefully a heavier price drop on Rogue Legacy, Papers Please and KOTOR.

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I thought Aveline in DAII was a pretty good strong female companion.

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very excited. put waaaay too much time into trying to platinum 3 and 4. I look forward to the challenge!

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decent list

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The weird thing I thought they said was that the Warden dying in DA:O was non-canon but I can pick it as an option in the keep. Did they decide to actually let us keep that very important choice finally?

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Funny that people are talking about this now just popped it in after a several month hiatus from games. It's ok but I'm not feeling as interested in the city this time around. Last couple of times felt more like exploring and seeing random side things. So far in this one I am just going from story to story which isn't bad but it isn't hitting me in the same way anymore.

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American Pie with my dad when I was like 11. And more recently watched Spartacus: Gods of the Arena with my mom......it wasn't great times.