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I'd like to join, I've seen you in there, I'm FUCK_YEAH_DUDE

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@mosespippy: A brain is fully developed at age 6?? Gonna need some sauce on that one.

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I made a sweet edit to this page. Let's keep it alive until the edit goes live, br0s.

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'sall good dude. I'm a straight dude and I still think that insult hits the hardest (not for the meaning really, it just sounds mean) but it's just a word, and I'm sure weren't ACTUALLY trying to tell Brad that he was what you said. It could've just as easily been something a little more innocent like motherloving douche-bag cuntsicle. World keeps turning. Clearly everybody here still <3's you.


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I hope ultra-long means like half an hour/45 minutes of uninterrupted SHREDDING. I've already fallen off the wagon of playing this game. Feels bad man. Once I see how long the track is, if it's really long, I might just jump back in!

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I want more Mario 3DS games! C'mon meow.

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Being probably the only one to comment here actually having played this game, I can tell you that it IS enjoyable. There's nothing super stunning or flashy about it, but it is a fun ass baseball game. It's not terribly fast paced or arcadey, but neither is baseball! It's super fun and just challenging enough to keep you wanting to continue. The ballparks look awesome and there's some great stuff that's been done with the sound design. I've never played and MLB2K game before this one, but I really like it. Check out the demo to see for yourself! The pitching is also AWESOME if you ask me. Good fun.

Edit: This coming from someone who loves baseball and has played baseball video games extensively in the past.

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Hey fellas, now is about that time I get the hankering to delve deeply into one giant run, just cruising for pleasure. So, what's the longest drop in the game? Or, what is the way for me to play as long as possible, uninterrupted?

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What is worth the most? Spins, flips, or off-axis flips? (by off-axis i mean like rodeo's and stufff like that. corks, etc.)