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I played Max as not super nosy, so when a lot of forms and stuff came up I opted not to look at them because in my head she isn't that kind of person to snoop around. Though because of that I missed a lot of things. Though I'll probably do a second play through where I don't play her like that. But before that I might go and try to find all the pictures. I think I only got maybe 3 or 4. The desk and Chloe on the bench are the only two I can remember though. I know you can get one of a squirrel and a beer can and I saw a squirrel by a beer can but didn't have a prompt.

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@sterling: it's about 2 ~ 4 hours depending on how much stuff you do. It's a good length and generally well paced.

I hope there are never any QTE, but if they do have them then I wonder how they'll be affected by the time travel mechanic.

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As an East Coast expat that now lives in the PNW, natives of the area commonly say "hella" instead of "hell of," "hell'ov," or even "helluv'." It's never not cringe-worthy. Sometimes they even say "hella" where a more proper term would be "fuckin' A." They also have no respect for the oxford comma.

Savages, I know.

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@geirr: I think the episode has a pretty "ugh" opening after that dream bit. But as someone who has taking art classes, that teacher almost spot on as an art teacher. The only issue is that he's too successful and not bitter yet, but he's clearly like 23 so he probably hasn't had the career downfall that most teachers of art related classes had have.

I had the exact same response as Jeff when I first saw that teacher.

@syndrom: 2~3 hours. If you really explore and look for stuff probably about 4.

@ghostiet: Chloe, the blue haired character, is also a bit like April too. Though she hasn't quite move out. There's a couple parallels between this game and TLJ. They're both set in the Pacific Northwest, have an artisty female main character with magic powers, and have a cast of colorful characters that mostly real life kinds of problems. At least that it from the early parts of TLJ and this first episode. Now if only Life Is Strange had the line "Shelves... Still just shelves."

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@humanity: Yeah, @s80007 has the gist of it. I played with mouse and keyboard and it controlled how you would expect. My only major issue was that it interacting with objects can be wonky sometimes. Especially when multiple are nearby. You have to very close and sometimes angle the camera in an odd way. Other than that it controls fine. WASD to move, Shift to run, Mouse 1 to interact, Mouse 2 to rewind time.

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@corevi said:

I wonder if they'll let you time travel between episodes to see how your decisions would play out in the long term.

The time travel mechanic so far has been limited to scenes. Once you progress passed a scene change.

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So what does everyone think of this game so far?

I found it pretty neat. It has a good balance of the TellTale styled dialogue stuff and more classic adventure game puzzles while still being decently written and acted. I really liked the time travel mechanic. It fit in fairly well. Almost every choice I went back to see what the other possibility could have been before deciding which one to take. Once I finished the game I noticed a lot of stuff I could have done that I didn't do. I might go back and see what those things are.

The character of Max reminded me a lot of April Ryan from The Longest Journey. Artsy gal going to an art school, first time away from her family, and she has a super natural power.

My main hope for the rest of the game it that it doesn't get to ambitious and stays fairly small scoped. It'd be pretty disappointing if Max ends up having to save the world or some nonsense, but I'd guessing there will be something like that.

After completing the first episode I'm excited to see where the game goes.

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Invisible Arcade is a lot of fun. The venue is pretty rad. You don't have to be a developer to go, but a lot of the devs that go will probably ask you what you're working on if you make conversation with them.

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We did it. Kind of.
We didn't get the name, but we got the race. Shame because the character is a flying magic lizard. Ah well. Long live AFG!

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I think it's funnier if we end up getting a Cat Man named "Air Force Gator"