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Wow... That's unexpected and he was so young.

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How about that HitBox though? That site is pretty much better than Twitch already...

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@ultrapeanut: That was great. I've only watched a little bit of Streamfriend's stuff. Mostly the Soha/Scott Benson stuff (aka Team #TrashCake)

Oh man. Imagine if Soha was hired by GB? Then Giant Bomb would finally know the majesty of her cat, Garnet. Praise Garnet.

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He may not be Cara Ellison but he'll be a great addition to the Giant Bomb family. Welcome Duder!

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Refreshing it now seems to have worked!

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Chat isn't loading at all for me during the current Witcher 3 stream. It was working find for the Vinnyvinia earlier today. I'm curious if anyone else is having this problem?

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Hey duders,

As some of you know friend of the site Samantha Kalman hosts a semi-monthly event in Seattle called Invisible Arcade. It's always an good little event were a selection of games are shown and they each get time on a stage with commentary done by the player. Almost like a live Let's Play or Quick Look. Each game also has it's own little set where anyone could walk up and check it out. While in the past it has tended toward a dev meet up it's always been about anyone coming and playing cool games with cool people. This month's games are Distance, Demon's Crest, and Grow Home. (Always an eclectic group.)

So yeah, if you're in Seattle come check it out.

This sounds too much like an ad made worse that I do volunteer as one of audio people for it (you can blame me for the music interludes), but really I don't know much about how Sam and them put together the event. I was really surprised that Demon's Crest will be there considering typically the games are fairly recent indie games, but it's one of my favorite SNES games so I can't complain.

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@rotnac said:

oh good! another game with "blood" in the title!

I'm just waiting for someone to make "BloodHearts Origins: Storm"

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Looks like all their current stretch goals have been might. Like it was any doubt. They'll probably hit over million before the 24 hour period.

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@carlos707 said:

Kinda odd that the protagonist is a woman, but the last stretch goal is for a male voice actor. From the kick-starter page: "She is a woman of few words but strong of purpose." I'm guessing her only dialogue will be sexy grunts when she takes damage.

If you read it a bit more it states that David Hayter would be playing the Dracula analog, Gebel.