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I'm surprised actually. So it'll be smart to just wait til 2016 when Super Street Fighter 5 comes out. Or 2017 when Super Street Fighter 5 2017 Edition is here. Right?

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No I can't skip dialogue since it's stops on what is clearly meant to be a choice. Like it should be displaying the radical dialogue menu but instead it's not. Even so I wouldn't be able to skip dialogue because pressing esc (I'm on PC using a keyboard and mouse) brings up the menu instead of the "skip dialogue" button. If I click and drag it causes the mouse to disappear and show up seemingly randomly somewhere else on screen when released.

I am playing it on a laptop that can barely run it, but a lot of the problems I'm encountered were common place.

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For the major choice early on I decided to side with the Mages. I got all the way to the boss fight and then in the cutscene afterwords after the characters go through the portal back to the present the game doesn't create the dialogue box. It just sits there and I can access all the menus (esc, inventory, character, etc). It displays the action bar, status bars, and quest tracker which it shouldn't be doing in a cut scene.

I've tried reloading and doing things over again but I get the same result. I can't seem to find anything on Google as it's floated with press about the game instead of glitches.

Anyone have a clue on how I could fix this or if it is a common problem?

I do have a save before I made the decision and could go back and side with the templars, but that's not really preferable.

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Seattle, WA, USA

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I think it's great that this game is coming to PC. It had a fantastic combat system despite the mission design often being lackluster. However. OH MY GOD is the story god awful. If you pick this up now, I highly suggest just skipping all the cutscenes, or just turning your brain off and not thinking about all the obvious and asinine plot holes/forced character motivations, to save yourself from the mind-numbingly terrible plot of this game. It's one of the few games I stopped playing because of the story.

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If you're looking for another viewpoint on the GG topic, check out the recent Spawn On Me podcast, They discuss it about halfway through.

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@august said:

If you really want to talk about the editorial direction of games journalism you really should come up with a new hashtag.

There was #gamingethic, but GG manipulators urged people that it was a "divide and conquer" technique to silence. It's bull shit the distance that these people are willing to go to make it seem like there actually something more to GG than just a hate group.

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@patrickklepek Please continue to report about this sort of stuff and what's going on with the GamerGate hate group. More people need to be aware and more news outlets, game devs, and personalities around video games need to discuss it.

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Minecraft is worth way more than 2 billion dollars.