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I'm trying to add more to the Orcs Must Die Unchained page, but every time I attempt to I get an error when saving.

The page is getting pretty wordy so could it be that I hit some character limit? I have what I want to add saved to a txt file.

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Did they change the :bel-air code? It didn't work for me earlier.

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The skullgirls folks can't catch a break.

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These guys seem like alright folks. I can't wait to see them in a quicklook or on a live stream.

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[Link to the KS]

There have a been a lot of these recently with Axiom Verge, La-Mulana 2, and so many other greats already availableYeah, it's another Pixel art Metroidvania that is a dream project of a single guy, but it looks like it'll be a quality one.

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Here's a strange bug. I can't type into the chat text box at all. When I hover my mouse over it, it shows a circle with a line through it (ie the universal "No" sign) . Refreshing doesn't fix this at all. I've only tried this in Firefox. It was working earlier.

EDIT: Closing the tab and loading the page in a new one seemed to fix the problem though.

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SNES Mario Cart is the only cannon Mario Kart.

But I can't stand anything on the N64 due to it's awful controller.

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These are all great.

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This would make neat poster.

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Oh weird. It seems like it works in Chrome. But Chrome is super icky looking and I hate using it.