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Witch is already female so writing female witch just looks silly.

Actually, traditionally witch has been a gender-neutral term. In fact, plenty of men were burned at the stake for being witches. I'm not sure when the term began being applied almost exclusively to women, but I'm guessing Macbeth had a lot to do with it...

It's like most people assuming "duder" applies to men only. It's gender-neutral just like "witch."

I dunno man, Merriam-Webster states that witch is a gendered term: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/witch

"Witch" is non-gendered according to Wiccan folks and they would probably know since they call themselves "Witches." (Also Duder Witch will now be my fan-parody game of Bullet Witch.)

Regardless, gender is actually a big theme of the Fantastic Witch Collective. Apparently it will touch on this sort of discussion.

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Thanks for including FANTASTIC WITCH COLLECTIVE in the crowdfunding section. Lulu deserves folks cash to make her super gay witch RPG. (no pejorative, it's a game about lesbian witches.)

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I would love to hear him on the podcast. Whether as a sub or a regular.

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Yeah. Patrick is midwest. Chicago can't be considered "east" until it disowns it's terrible ideas about proper pizza.

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Remember the Dog ending from SH2? Considering the plot to Metal Gear, I'm guessing that the Dog ending will be the canon ending for all Silent Hills from here on out.

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What Google and the music industry needs to do is strike up deals similar to that of music venues where streaming sites like Twitch are the venues and streamers are DJs. Apparently another site called turntable.fm tried this and failed for whatever reason. Bottom line is they shouldn't be treating their users like criminals. It's like trying to charge someone who is driving with their windows down while playing music or having a boombox on the beach. Absurdity.

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I don't know why Google thinks they can automate this sort of process.

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At least there are alternatives. You could always stream on Hitbox instead. Less delay that way too. You could actually have a conversation with chat.

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I'm trying to add more to the Orcs Must Die Unchained page, but every time I attempt to I get an error when saving.

The page is getting pretty wordy so could it be that I hit some character limit? I have what I want to add saved to a txt file.