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I thought it was better when people had to figure these out, but oh well.

You guys''ll just have to add more for folks to figure out then.

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Oh Wow. These are amazing!

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Holy shit man. Great job getting this stuff together. I was having a real hard time trying scrub through the videos to find a game I want to watch.

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I'll admit, I got choked up a bit when they named RyanD.

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I came here wondering the same thing. I haven't seen a tweet from either Patrick or Alex... so maybe they both slept late?

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I played a little bit of solo and did not like the first class at all. It's pretty annoying that they lock so much behind a progression wall.

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Watch this game become this year's Frog Fractions.

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Looking at the times. I have a question. On Friday I work from 4 to 8pm PDT. What if we can't get the scheduling worked out right?

You'd have to contact me, but if you don't complete a match by a deadline you'll most likely be disqualified. If you would be the only one to contact me and your opponent wouldn't then you'd simply incur a loss while the opponent would be disqualified. If both players contacted me there's a good chance I'd accept that the match would be played past the deadline, but that's only if it wouldn't hold things back significantly.

Hrmm Looking back over my schedule I don't think I'll be able to be involved in this tournament at all because of work then. That's pretty damned unfortunate!