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SNES Mario Cart is the only cannon Mario Kart.

But I can't stand anything on the N64 due to it's awful controller.

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These are all great.

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This would make neat poster.

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Oh weird. It seems like it works in Chrome. But Chrome is super icky looking and I hate using it.

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Right now I'm trying to watch Bombing' in the AM and the chat is just not load for me at all. I've refreshed the page many many times and always get the same error.

  • You have been disconnected from the chat, this may be due to an error or the chat may be over.
  • Your session has timed out. Refresh the page for a new one.

I've never got an error like this before when chat was running for other people, but apparently other folks are in the chat. I'm using the current version of Firefox.

Any idea?

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@tdot: C'mon man, ERs are meant for quirky relatively obscure or old games. Who hasn't played FF7.2: GBG? (though the 'Ultra Edition on the PSP2 was really where it's at.)

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@tdot said:

@zornack said:

@tdot: Hey, at least no one made an endurance run joke this year!

But WILL there be a new endurance run?! That's what I want to know.

Yeah. It's going to be Jeff and Alex playing through both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

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Oh wow. This is super freaking slick. I may help out by making some sounds. Feel free to send me a list of sound effects you need and I'll see what I can do.

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"Panoptitron" is one of the coolest words I've ever heard.

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"...I hate you you Jeff Gerstmann"