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I've been putting it off for too long. I need to upgrade some stuff on my computer. I built my PC about 4 years ago using most of the same hardware in the the first Tested PC Build video. At the time I needed a 32-bit OS to run the version of Pro Tools (audio engineering program which would not work on a 64-bit windows OS because Avid hates the PC and home studio people or did). Now I absolutely need more RAM to do what I currently want to do on my computer which means switching from 32-bit to 64-bit.

Aside from gaming, I use my PC for all sorts of creative work, such as audio engineering, video editing, and game design. So this upgrade will really benefit me.

Apparently the process isn't too painful, but I don't want to fuck it up and am looking for suggestions. Clearly I need to backup my data, but my computer has multiple harddrives. Do I only need to backup the stuff that's on the drive that holds the OS? If so, what about the file (ie games, save files, music, etc) that are installed on the other drives?

My brother suggested that I should just get a new harddrive and install to that just to be safe, but my entire budget for this current upgrade is only about 200 bucks and I'd rather spend that getting a nice big chuck of memory (like 16 gb.)

On the topic of RAM, do you guys have any suggestions? DDR3 type RAM is what fits in the motherboard.


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I'm curious. Will this be available on the PS store? I looked today and I didn't see it under the "coming soon" tab.

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[Link to the game]

Hello folks. The last couple of days I've been working a making something for the Flappy Jam. It's controls more like the old browser game "Helicopter" than it is like Flappy Bird. You press the left mouse button (or X) to fly upwards and the right mouse button (or C) to glide. You gain point from getting close to obstacles without crashing them into them. I did all the programing, art, sound, and music (though the music is an arrangement of Mega Man 2's Quick Man theme because why the hell not?) (Note: you may not have sound if you're playing it in Firefox since this a HTML5 build.)

Enjoy! Try to beat my high score of 43.03.

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@mb said:

I thought it was better when people had to figure these out, but oh well.

You guys''ll just have to add more for folks to figure out then.

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Oh Wow. These are amazing!

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Holy shit man. Great job getting this stuff together. I was having a real hard time trying scrub through the videos to find a game I want to watch.

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I'll admit, I got choked up a bit when they named RyanD.

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I came here wondering the same thing. I haven't seen a tweet from either Patrick or Alex... so maybe they both slept late?