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@arbitrarywater said:

You know Adelheid, the lady with the parasol at EVO? I'm pretty sure I played against her and got headshotted 4 times in a row.

Last time I check twitter she had a screen shot of her as the top ranked PC player. Doesn't surprise me.

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I have gone 7/18 online. I mainly play Sensei. I'm pretty garbage at the game, but I haven't gone through all of the story mode yet. I may switch to the Baz because he's really fun, but I like Sensei's skill set.

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Looking at the times. I have a question. On Friday I work from 4 to 8pm PDT. What if we can't get the scheduling worked out right?

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@patrickklepek It seems you attached the article to the wrong game. Apparently there was a 1983 game also called Earthbound.

BUT! the SNES game is so delightfully charming. There's few games that have it's unique brand of charm even in the Indie space.

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Honestly G, I just want to face you so I could say to my next opponent "Suffer like G did!" but that's a really silly reason.

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I think we should only ban people who don't have exactly 976 posts. That way I'm basically guaranteed to at least come in the top 8. Any win is a win! #Kappa

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Divekick is a game about love. No banning people!

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Can you feel the storm? DIVEKICK!

It also amazes me that Deadly Premonition appear about a month ago on Greenlight and has already been greenlit. It goes to show how absurd that system is.

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As long as I don't have work (I might be able to request some of these days off) I'll gladly sign up.

My PSN is Rouge_Waveform

ALSO! I'd mostly likely be recording all my matches and putting them up on the youtubes. Prepare your butts for all the frauds I'll make of you.