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It was in many episodes, but I'm pretty sure mostly around the Kanji dungeon ones, so look in them. Though it could have also been the Rise dungeon.
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hrmm? Then how did all the characters enter when they all get their Personae while inside the TV.
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Y'know what's more compelling then DLC? A PC version.
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I think more importantly, there would have to be other people that touch TVs and got some weird Stargate Event horizon moments like our beloved Investigation Team. It's just one of those "Suspend your disbelief" kinda things.
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Indeed. It's a Endurance Test to wait for ER. heh.
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Oh that was a really awesome read. Man... if only amazon would send me my pre-order code already.
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@FlamingHobo said:
" @Cloneslayer said:
" @FrankCanada97 said:
"Do we have to dress in brightly coloured clothing? "
Its come as you are. "
As you were. 

As I want you to be.
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Oh c'mon we all know everyone would rather see Devil Summoner: Raidou 3 instead.  tehehe.
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Before watching the Endurance Run, I made a decision to avoid the Persona Games because I didn't like the idea of playing a high school sim. So, while I was already a fan of the SMT games, I didn't decide to buy either two PS2 Persona games until watching Jeff and Vinny wander their way through the wacky world of Persona 4.