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I wish the Servers works so I could actually play the multiplayer then.
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Anyone else having this issue? I have no problem playing other games online but this one never connects to the servers.
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I don't want to speculate about who the killer is or isn't, but I think that the zombies are towns people that died in the events that Mr. Stewart recalled a couple episode ago. Though that doesn't explain Nightmare land or the hell hounds.

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Y'know what ER fan art I'd like to see? York dressed as Charlie. Maybe shouting "ZACH FROST!"

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The Escapist's series Unskippable did Deadly Premonition this week. It's pretty funny. Looks like they'll do at least another episode of it. 
If you don't know, Unskippable is basically MST3k or Rifftrax done to video game openings.
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I'm guess they'll be about 50 to 70 epidoes in total for each team. They seem to be nearing the last 3rd of the game.
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Bah the stream is sooooo laggy for me it's unwatchable.
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Here's a shirt suggestion: "January Way. It's the only way." 
and here's another. "I keep my turkey sandwhich in my tool box."
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@armaan8014 said:
" @IntramanDW said:
" Vinny saying in the zombie voice "Monet was so troubled."
When was this? "

When VJ were going through the Art House. It was after they had solved the tree puzzle, but before they fought the 2nd inviso-bitch. I'm pretty sure it was last week sometime. Maybe tuesday or thursday.
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Vinny saying in the zombie voice "Monet was so troubled." 
VJ peeking in on the one twin. 
Ryan's racing music song.