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Flux you're always so pessimistic about the Endurance Run.
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I don't see how a political song has to do with Nanako, but! "Every day's great when you're Junpei"  
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You do not want to see her shadow form.
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While that is indeed totally awesome, I think this takes the cake. 
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Noooo. The meat dimension cannot be a lie! *all hope is crusted*
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That's not unusual for an Megaten game. Hell in Digital Devil Saga, I had my guys nullify everything except Almighty and almost had a full team wipe to one of the optional bosses because he started the battle with a Mind Charged Almighty Attack.  
Sometimes you're just unlucky and these games tend to be very unforgiving. You'll just have to suck it up and try again. Especially if it was only one time.
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The Jack Frost one is the best.

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It's actually not uncommon for even well known voice actors to do minor or incidental characters in a game. 
Steven J Blum voiced a bunch of zombies in Doom 3 and that's it. 

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Oh of course it's in Atlanta.
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It was in many episodes, but I'm pretty sure mostly around the Kanji dungeon ones, so look in them. Though it could have also been the Rise dungeon.