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@Vect said:
"Choice use of music:

Regular Cutscenes: I've Had the Time Of My Life (sung by Herbert from Family Guy)
Battle Commentary: I Need a Hero (either the Original or the Shrek 2 version)
Romance Commentary: Never, Never gonna Give You Up (Barry White)
Social Link Commentary: Friends (Flight of the Condor)Making some random choices here and there."

Ugh! No music additions are necessary.
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If I were to hang out with high schools that are really my younger brother's age group, I think I'd be considered weird in the bad way. However if we're talking about how I was in High School, then... probably none of them would want to hang out with me. haha

However there is this girl I go to college with that kinda looks and acts a bit like Rise, and is often giving me "the eyes." hrmmm.

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^ that would be cool if you could enter in when your brithday was.

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Not exactly. But the French or Spanish club would have a big party at the end of the school year where people would bring different food from their backgrounds. I think anyone could go too.

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Chaos Wars = Never.

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Final Fantasy X-2.  A game that shows that gameplay can still make up for a lame story and characters.

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Oh Please let there be a Steam release of this game!

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It's worth 30 bucks.

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In the days of the internet owning a guide book seems impractical.

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Spiffy. The only thing is that their legs look a bit awkward.