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I am also having issues making any edits to the releases page for Watch_Dogs this morning. "Whoops, encountered an error" message every time.

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The Wii U just needs games for it. Lots and lots of games, of all types, for all audiences, with a constant release schedule.

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Not necessarily a good thing for gamers. Wait and see who replaces him permanently first.

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It's hard to reconcile a team that works two years on a bad game that sells poorly. No surprise here that Gilbert is leaving.

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That free game will probably be something like Darkspore, heh.

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Played a ton of SimCity 4 this week. It will probably outlive the new SimCity.

Me too. I booted up 4 and thought "Hmm...yeah, this'll do."

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That cover art is sick.

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Same thing happening to me. I can't reorder a list without getting the 404 error after I hit submit. Firefox 18.0.2 here.

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"[Hundreds] is a game for men with blonde stubble and square chins and herringbone trousers."

So, it's a game for Drew?