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All games may be returned for a 50% refund if opened, that is standard Amazon.com policy. Mass Effect 3 can be returned opened for a 100% refund according to confirmed reports from people who have returned it. This accurately reflects what the amazon.com customer service person said and is a major omission to this article.

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F1 2012 needs the aliases:

  • Formula 1 2012
  • Formula One 2012
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I thought Brian was honest and agreeable in his pitch. I didn't get any douchebag vibes off him. It doesn't hurt that he's also known within the industry as one of the nicest and pleasant guys to work with, period. Everyone has nothing but good things to say about him.

Secondly, even if they are patting themselves on the back a little bit, if anyone, literally anyone in the games industry has the track record and clout Brian Fargo does, he of all people could get away with it. A lot of younger or console-only gamers have zero clue just how influential and essential Interplay was to gaming as a whole, and it was all Brian's doing.

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And when you say "details currently unknown," that's a good enough reason to not make a game page full of speculation.

What speculation is there, though? The only information I've added to the page was contained in the actual announcement.

It's not confirmed to be a video game.

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Combine with alias needed, then. Odd they would call it differently across seas.

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It is a new game with details currently unknown.


It's not necessarily a new game and is not confirmed to be a new game; the El Shaddai franchise involves much more than just games. It's called "new project," not "new game." And when you say "details currently unknown," that's a good enough reason to not make a game page full of speculation.

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Delete: Unnamed El Shaddai Project

This page is full of speculation. There has been a El Shaddai related announcement and teaser site but it hasn't even been confirmed that it's a videogame. Calling a game "Unnamed <x>" just requires the entry to be edited by a mod later when it's officially announced. I think it should be deleted until much more is known about the project.

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"Hey, this has me worried. I've seen others sites get purchased and become pretty crappy. What makes this different?

It's a valid concern. But if you've made it this far (let's be honest, some of you have been supportive of us for years) you know that beyond the logos on our sites are a group of people who have committed their lives to building a better Internet. Our sites will continue to thrive because quite honestly, it's what keeps a lot of us going every day. And as hokey as it may sound, we want to continue having an audience that trusts us as stewards of our respective expertise."

Dave: my concern isn't you guys. I trust you guys. My concern is you guys will be overruled by corporate shills and have no choice in the matter a year or two down the road. Why do you trust CBS execs all the sudden?