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@Stang: Haha thanks for posting one of the few videos where I don't get destroyed. This set actually went much better than the last one, but I am still making a lot of mistakes. I need to get better at rolling away or blocking tatsu cross-ups. Good games.
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Kind of vague question here, I hope it is clear. I play Abel and Akuma, and I have the hardest time against charge characters, all of them. It seems like most charge players are content to sit on their down-back and poke me out or counter my offense attempts. Do you feel like playing a charge character is that different a mindset, or do I just need to up my offense game? Any tips against chargers?
Thanks for doing this btw, really helpful thread.

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If anyone wants to play on XBL tonight, I am about to get on. GT is h0mes1ck alien. I have been playing Akuma for a while and have recently picked up Abel, still scrub with both, any help is appreciated.

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Ha I have read enough around here to know I am going to get destroyed. That is okay though, I need the practice.

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Does anyone want to play tonight? Just send me a friend request / game invite if so. GT is h0mes1ck alien

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It would be very unlikely to get anything early without realizing it, you have to go out of your way to do so. Apart from that, there will be a cutscene if you pick up the missiles at the proper time/place.

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Just so no one makes the same mistake I did, on my second playthrough I sequence broke and got the missiles early. I had intended to 100% this run but getting the missiles early made it impossible to pick up the first missile pack you are supposed to get, as the cutscene would not trigger.
Apart from the bugs and a few other minor issues, I am loving this game.

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GT: h0mes1ck alien
I am an average, but improving, Akuma player.

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I live in Dallas. The only people I know locally who played SF have moved on to BlazBlue now, and that was only a few people to begin with. I understand your frustration, playing online is just not the same.