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I'm in New Mexico and it's been down all day. Tried rebooting everything and it still won't connect. Since everything else computer and cable wise is working fine, I'd thought I'd check my profile online and it's the only site it won't connect to so....dunno.

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I've never been drunk and don't really foresee ever being drunk so...never anything I guess?

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@49th: Whoof! That is a nasty interpretation of scrambled eggs to me but certainly not expected from Ramsay who, like many who lean towards French style, just can't cook proper (to me) scrambled eggs by making them light, dry, and fluffy opting instead for creating some kind of monstrous butter cream out of them. I just scramble them, cook them 'till light n' fluffy, sprinkle a little pepper on them, then eat them in a folded piece of buttered toast.

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Didn't really save anything other than a few odd pics here and there as I'm not really a fan of my reviews and most of my hard work was in the unnoticed details of having more detailed and accurate listings of actors and characters. It's kind of odd that they never thought to merge the anime and movie sites, and strange to see it fail considering its subject is inherently massive...but oh well. These things always happen when smaller companies and owners sell their creations to the big boys who always have odd ideas on what works and what doesn't.

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It's generally very much a mood thing with me, but my top picks tend to looks something like...

  1. Stray Dog
  2. Seven Samurai
  3. Ikiru
  4. Yojimbo
  5. High and Low
  6. Throne of Blood
  7. Ran
  8. Sanjuro
  9. The Bad Sleep Well
  10. One Wonderful Sunday

But honestly for the most part his films are generally fairly solid to masterful with many things to offer. The only ones I tend to suggest people save for last are sketchy to bad affairs such as Sanshiro Sugata 2, The Men who Tread on the Tiger's Tail, Red Beard, & Rhapsody in August... but really it's all just personal taste in the end.

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Watched the highly touted "lost" Australian new wave classic 'Wake in Fright' today...it did not disappoint.

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@awesomeusername said:

10 bucks says he played Hannah Montana.

Oh man it annoyed me something fierce that I could never 1000 that game because of that thrice damned nigh impossible fair game. *sigh* But that aside I do wish you could erase acheivements but not because I want to erase potentially embarrassing games as I've long been known to my friends as somebody who deliberately plays through games most would not want to touch. I just think it would be nice to clean out games that I just started playing and decided I hated too much to go on fairly early in the game as I'd rather not have them there.

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Yeah me too it's down on my PS3 which was driving me crazy as it moved from being out of service to just telling me my password wasn't correct and then crashing again. Ah well...it's DVDs and gaming then but I'm kinda glad I'm not the only victim.

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Awww so I still need my Wii or Gamecube to play my P.N. 03 I guess.