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I spent well over 100 hours playing Just Cause 2 and loved every second of it. Can't wait for JC3!

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This saddens me to the core. Ryan was a crucial part of what made GB great. He will be greatly missed and my thoughts go out to his family, friends and co-workers. This truly is a sad day

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Sex Sells regardless if its video games, cars, chocolate. At the end of the day i buy a game because i like that game not because i saw a fit woman advertising it. Btw Bayonetta was a great game in its own right.

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I'd like to start a blog about Minecraft, but seeing as i've never in my life done a blog about anything before, this could be short lol.

I've been playing MC now for about a year with my son, and with the continuation of updates and especially the Mods, i'm still hooked. Everyday there's something new to do, to explore and expand on what is already a quite unique gaming experience. Multiplayer of course is where the real fun lies but i also find that a few hours of single player can be just as gratifying. Great Mods like BuildCraft, Equivalant Exchange, Tekkit, Tale of Kingdoms to name a few keep the game fresh and involving.

I'd like any feedback regarding MC to share experiences and adventures with anyone that loves the game as much as me.

As a little side note, i've added a pic in my profile of the perfect circle in MC to help any budding builders out there. It helped me a lot :)

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GAME was the last store i'd go into for games tbh. Compared to Gamestation and even HMV, their prices were over the top on most titles, especially the pre-owned stuff. I never felt they knew enough about the industry and i would over hear most "helpful comments" to perpetual buyers as trained bullt points to help sell any product they had rather than giving some learned advice to the consumer.

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Collaborating with GameSpot hmmmm i dunno. Fingers crossed for you guys, all the best

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Ads...Eurgh!. UK English....Double Eurgh!! I'm Welsh not English so, i cant do the Survey

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Seeing that huge monster for the 1st time and then kicking it's ass will never go away as one of THE moments in my gaming history. Class game. Hope they do a sequel

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@Wrighteous86: These comments were not written by Brits..just saying wot wot
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I demand a refund!