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Soft drinks for a soft franchise? hehe ;)

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Oh i'm such a numpty, i whisked myself off to sign up, filled in and agreed to everything........`only available in the USA` lol
Edit: Ummm i seem to be able to connect.....nice :)

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Both of these were amazing, i played through them several times. Shame i don't own a PS3 to relive those magic and epic moments all over again in HD and 3D

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A payment plan?.....  :(

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Not ingame footage judging by the camera angles. Voice acting didn't seem that great, but i'll hold back judgement as it could be pretty epic...hopefully

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When ya all out of original ideas, do crossovers....yeah

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What no Monster Hairy-Spiderman or Mega Super Jelly-Spiderman? not interested then......

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@babz:  Me too, just seeing glimpses of the old greats brings back fond memories. We need events like this in the UK!
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I was gonna take part in this too, but only in the US.....a collective sigh goes out across the globe

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Congrats on the new move, i hope it benefits all of you. Just, please don't change the core of what GB has become. I boot up my PC and the 1st site i check out is yours, your QL's your Reviews and your general `i don'r give a fuck` attitude is what sets you apart from the rest. Ads are all well and good but not to the extent where it "inspires" your decision on a game etc. Keep it real and for god sake keep it GB. You guys are unique and i welcome you into my internet home every day. Ad campaigns are worth millions but the smiles and joy you give us is worth so much more.
Keep up the fantastic work, we love you guys