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I saw GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) and wanted to become a teacher, but then I realized it would not be awesome like that to be a teacher.

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It is better on PC thanks to higher resolution, better framerate and mouse control. Especially ME1 that ran very poorly on 360 is more pleasant on PC. ME2 is not that much difference since it ran fine on 360 too. ME3 I have not played on PC.

If I didn't already own all of the DLC on 360 I would replay the trilogy on PC but I am not buying the DLC on PC as well. I only have ME1 because I found it for €3 and ME2 because they gave away it for free after people complained about DA2. There is no way to get the games with all DLC included. The ME Trilogy packs you can buy don't include DLC. Only way we'll ever see DLC packed in is on the PS4/XONE remake is it happens. ME1 comes with the first DLC included but that is it ME2 and 3 doesn't come with any DLC.

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They make good graphics cards.

I can't agree. I loved my GeForce 4 back in the day but since then I have nothing but trouble. I RMAd 3 7800GT and my 8800GTS I had to put an aftermarket cooler on to not get graphical glitches because it glitghed as soon as it got to 65 degrees celsius which is nothing, they should handle 90.

AMD cards work better. Been using a dozen over the years with no problems.

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I had Japanese copies of FFVI and Chrono Trigger and played on my EU SNES but I don't remember how. I recall my cousins using an adapter to play a US copy of Final Fight, maybe some adapters can just handle US and some can handle Japanese games? The SNES has a region lock so it is not just about the shape of the cartridge. You need something that disables the lock.

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More people should play these games. I think it is one of the best video game series ever.

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@dussck said:

For me: Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I keep playing for the vista's.

I just got to the part of the story where you visit the castle in Orlais to attend a ball and without spoiling anything I can say it was one of the best moments in a game since Mass Effect 2. Reminded me of that mission in ME2 from Kasumis DLC.

I've got to say Crysis. It was the best looking game by far and for many years it made people say "but can it run crysis?". Not only was the gameplay fairly standard compared to the graphics, but by the time I had a video card that could max out Crysis at 1080p it was already so old that I didn't care anymore. I had a 8800GTS 512MB at the time and it was one of the most kick ass cards of its day and I would still get framerate that went into single digits sometimes.

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I bought a projector in 2007 and had it until 2009. It is awesome to have a massive screen, especially with good surround sound and Yamaha prescense speakers to give the sound more hight. However the lamp is costly and needs to be replaced after a few thousand hours. You also need it pitch black and I got tired of always having my living room so dark in order to play games, it felt like I was living in a basement. I had an LCD projector but DLP seems more common and cheaper but some people have problems with seing the rainbow effect with DLP.

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What you need to think about is the input lag which is usually around 50ms or more these days. SONY has a couple of models with around 14ms which is the fastest on the market that I know of. This is not all models however. Check out hdtvtest.co.uk but keep in mind that NA models might be different. Also another thing to think about is full 4:4:4 support. Many TV's use 4:2:2 which won't display as many colors as a PC can and even TVs that can often need to be set at PC mode to enable it. It can be hard to find this kind of information about all models however. And some people don't notice the difference that 40ms more lag does or that some TV's display less colors.

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Liane in Joan D'arc. She starts out afraid and weak and in the shadow of Joan but she faces her fear and in the end she becomes a very strong character. She is a lot more interesting character than Joan as she is brave despite her fear rather than because of lack of fear.

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I live in Sweden which is way colder than SF and I have an AC because even if the summer here is really short it can become 25 degrees warm outside and 30 degrees inside (90F) and then I need that. Most of the year we need to heat up our homes though. It is rare to have an AC here, most people don't need it, but my apartment gets really hot for some reason.