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I run Tomb Raider on my 270X with 2GB VRAM all settings maxed and it looks better than the PS4 version so I don't see why all of a sudden we need 4GB for games to match PS4. I think some games are not optimzed properly if we need 4GB of VRAM when the steam survey says less than 2 percent of people have that. You'll always run into a problem with having to upgrade on PC though. Only way to not have to worry about that is to get a console. The GTX970 should do fine for some time though I think. I plan on sticking with my card fpr awhile since it is the most powerful card I can fit in my mITX case.

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Wait, is 4GB VRAM really not the standard nowadays? I must be further ahead of the curve than I thought.

4GB is far from standard. I don't know much about nvidia cards but I have a AMD 270X and that is just 2GB and that is considered upper mid-end. My friend have a lower high-end 280X Which is basically the last generations flagship card the 7970 and that has just 3GB. Only the upper high end cards 290 and 290X have 4GB.

But I think that 4GB will just be for higher than 1920x1080 gaming. Most people have 1080p and they will be fine, and the few people that have multi monitors and 1440p monitors probably have high end video cards.

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Not played Forza since Forza 3 but I got interested in this but I would need to know if the 360 version is the same except for graphics or if it is lacking in some other way too.

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William Wallace is not happy with the result.

As a non-Scottish and non-UK citizen I am happy they stay together. Europe needs to be strong now to stand up to the Russian Tsar.

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Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite of the series. I think all the hate surrounding this trilogy is insanely stupid and laugh at people who say they "ruined" the series. I shall do my part and buy these games on PC. Pretty interested at the potential for mods!

Yes to blame 13 for ruining the series is tupid. The series was ruined long before that ^^

FF7 is and forever will be the best in the series.

EDIT: I doubt it will be very moddable. There is no way it is like Skyrim or Dragon Age Origins. Tomb Raider was not moddable or we would have thousands of "bigger boobs Lara" mods by now. JRPG's are usually not moddable like Skyrim or such games are.

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It used to be so easy to find the classic games. There was a PSone section and a PS2 section on the PS3 store. But some time ago that changed and now I can just find it under Collections or Discoveries or whatever the tab is called but that is just a handful of them. Is there no way to get a list of ALL PSone or ALL PS2 games on PSN?

btw this is the EU store but I imagine the layout is the same in NA, we just don't have Chrono Cross or FF Tactics and other classic PSOne games that never came out here.

Also I wonder if you can access the US store like some people manage to get Japanese games from the Japanese PSN? ANd if so can the PS3 play Chrono Cross and such? I know it cannot play my American PSone games I have on disc but there are a few games on the EU PSN with an American flag that play just fine so it seems capable of playing NTSC games.

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Loved the first game. The second felt too much like more of the same and because of that I don't feel like playing this.

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You cannot compare the Republicans with the Swedish Democrats. SD again and again have scandals because their party members do everything from wearing nazi symbols to writing on racist forums. SD is like the Tea Party faction maybe. Except they are in many way socialists. Nationalists and socialists in one...almost like they are nationalsocialists. I hope we are not heading in the same direction as Germany in the 30's, we are far from it still but I fear it.

They still didn't win the election, they have 13% but unlike in the US where the winnes takes all they get enough seats in the parlament to prevent either the left wing or right wing alliances to reach the 50% needed for anything to pass through parlament.

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Today was the day for the Swedish election and pretty much the only party that got more votes than last time was the racist party. Sweden used to be a country that stood up for equality for all and even if the majority of people still believe in that, it is clear that we are heading for darkes times.

I used to be proud to say I was Swedish. I used to be proud to be part of a country that has had not been a part of a war in 200 years, that was one of the first in the world with equality between men and women and a country who cared about making the world a better place. Now I feel ashamed. I was born here, my parents were born here and their parents and so on and my family have lived here probably since the Viking times so I am not the target for their hate but I have many friends who are immigrants and my fiance is not a Swedish citizen yet so I fear for them. If I need to I will leave this country before we become like nazi Germany but I hope it will not get that far.

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I have not played it but it sounds like it doesn't have nearly as much to explore as an MMO or Borderlands. If you make a game that is designed around MMO type missions you cannot have a world that is slightly larger than Halo. Halo works great because each encounter is designed while in this game it sounds like the encounters are trash mobs with little to no AI. They wanted to merge a FPS with an MMO but got the worst from both genres. For the type of game the created where you run the same area again and again, of course people will complain that it gets repetative. People complained for backtracking in Halo 1 and this is that times 100.