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I remember thinking it sounded pretty bad even back then, but for me the battle system and upgrade system makes it one of the best FF games. I spent more time with FF10 than any other FF game (130 hours). FF7 maybe I spent more but it tops out at 99hours so I cannot be sure. 16 year old me loved FFX and it was the last FF game I really loved even if it was no FF7 in story. I'm hoping I'll love it again. So impatiant for the March 21 release here in EU.

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I've got a physical copy pre-ordered but the release is not until on Friday here. Looking forward to play it again after all these years.

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I've never had dual monitors but I can't imagine that being good for games. Even with a thin bezel it will still look strange. Maybe for work it would be nice.

I would go with a 30" high resolution screen rather than two 1080p.

I'm happy with my 24" 1080p though. with dual monitors or a higher res display you'll need twice the graphics power to play at the same settings. Not worth it unless you think $4-500 for a video card is acceptable.

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I'm curious. Will this be available on the PS store? I looked today and I didn't see it under the "coming soon" tab.

It is there in the coming soon section for March 21 at least here in EU. Strange if they don't have a PS Store release for NA. I'd buy it on there if it was the same price as retail but at least here I've found retail for cheaper so I'll get that.

I have not been so exited for a FF game since probaly before FFX first came out on PS2, but I somehow am really looking forward to it. I've never understood how the FF13 games are considered to have good combat, all I do is use auto-attack. FFX I remember as the most strategic of all the FF games. It is probably the only FF game where you can't just spam attack. FF12 is too much of an MMO so FFX is really the last of the good FF games in my oppinion. I just hope I am not overhyping it in my head.

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Since I played the EU version of FFX which is basicaly the International version the "new" content in FFX is actually not new for me or other Europeans, but the new content in FFX-2 previously not seen outside Japan seems pretty cool with a pokemon style catch monsters game and a Persona 3 style climbing of a tower floor for floor. But mostly I just want an excuse to revisit what I consider the last really good FF game. I played FFX for 130 hours, And I've only played FF7 more than that. It seems they have actually redone a lot of the graphics and not just uprezed it which makes it look pretty darn good from what I've heard.

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I honestly don't know why nvidia is popular. It's not like nvidia is better than AMD. AMD cards usually are on par or better than the nvidia cards in the same price segments. Last time I bought a nvidia card was during the 8800 era (2007-2008 ish) when they actually were clearly better. But since the HD 4000 series with the HD 4870 and forward AMD have been my choice every time I upgrade.

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I started like a week ago with Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness, which is the PSP version of Hour of Darkness, the first game in the franchise. I'm having a great time with it. As far as I can tell, you can't go wrong with Disgaea, if you are into SRPGs. It's the best!

We'll that is the catch. I'm not really into SRPG's. I am more into standard (tactical?) RPG's. I loved Jeanne D'arc and liked Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP but otherwise I've never really been into SRPG's. I did play a little bit of the PSP remake of the first Disgea but for some reason never got into it as I did with JD or FFT and played probably less than 30min. I don't have that game anymore and while the Vita can play PSP games I feel like the newer games should be better. If not story wise then at least gameplay and graphic wise.

After discovering the Atelier games I am playing JRPG's again like I haven't done since the late 90's. I've gotten almost every PS3 and Vita JRPG that there is so that is why I am thinking of giving SRPG's a chance again with Disgea.

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I am thinking of getting it on Vita since it adds more things compared to the PS3 versions and includes all DLC. But how does Disgaea 3 compare to 4? 4 has better reviews but it is not out on vite until summer. So it stands between 3 on Vita and 4 on PS3 as of now. the new D2 doesn't seem as good, especially when you don't have nostalgia for those characters. Seems to be for fans of the first game. Iäve never played Disgea.

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I played Eve on and off between 2003 and 2009 and only scratched the surface. Moments like these sound awesome but when playing 99,9% of the time is grinding credits doing the same missions over and over, mining astroids or other tedious tasks. These cool moments are not enough to make up for that. But it is so cool to read about it.

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Eurogamer's Digital Foundry compared the new console versions to PC and said that the face had improved and that bushes and grass and brances and such now reacts to physics, but on the other hand it has lower texture resolution compared to playing on Ultra settings on PC.