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For someone like me who grew up with the metric system the imperial system will always seem wrong and vice versa. The only thing we use inch for still is TV and monitor screens.

Even when both using the metric system it is never used the same. For example my Brazillian fiance had never heard of a hektogram (100 gram) before she came to Sweden and just used grams and kilograms (1000 grams). And my Japanese friend measure flour and sugar in recipes with grams while we in Sweden use liter, deciliter or mililiter making it hard for me to understand his recipe.

It is all just about what you are used to.

I think we can all agree though that the English using stones to measure their wieght is hilarious!

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My first PS game and I played it so much since it was the only game I had for some time. Only released in EU as far as I know and probably not nearly as good as my nostalgic mind remembers it but it was the game that defined the "next generation" in Playstation for me.

EDIT: I just watched a youtube clip and it ruined it...I remember the water as super realistic, but it is just a flat blue texture.

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It's triple S.

Seriously, I think triple A is a stupid name for big budget games. I never heard of A or double A or B games but they always use triple A. It has no meaning at all.

And there is plently of lower budget games that I love. The Atelier games for example.

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You got one right. Brazil (because my fiancé is Brazillian)

However I am a Bahia fan because back in Football Manager 2007 that was the team I went with for the promotion achievement (to get a team from the lowest to the highest division) and I made it. And also Bahia in real life made it and I have a lot of respect for that. And they have stayed in the first division for several years now, even if they don't do as well as the big clubs. My fiance brought one of these from Brazil last year so I am proudly wearing it even if no one have any idea about Brazillian teams here in Sweden.

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Sweden is now 491 years old! We celibrate by doing....nothing.

Unlike most countries we don't celebrate much. In fact, until 2005 it wasn't even a national holiday. In an attempt to make us celebrate more they made it into a holiday, but we still don't do much on this day 6th of June.

Some info about Sweden.

And some proof not all girls are blonde!

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Awesome! I've been trying to get the original but have not found it anywhere. Now it comes out in a better version.

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You don't need crazy amounts of power. I've got the Ivy Bridge version of that CPU 3570K or something and a AMD 270X which I think is about as good as your card, maybe even slower and I run Tomb Raider with everything on highest in 1080p at 40-50FPS. And it looks slightly beter than the PS4 version. Went from 20-25FPS on my AMD 6850.

My PC upgrade philosophy is that you upgrade when you notice a game you want to play is not running well. No point in upgrading if what you are playing already runs well.

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It is frustrating for people who can't get friends and girl/boyfriends. Not everyone becomes a killer of course but suicide is not uncommon. I was depressed in my early 20's for feeling misunderstood by the opposite sex. But at 26 I found my love. Someone who understands me completely.

Ending it all at 22 when you still have a long time to find someone is such a waste. And to bring others down with you is of course unforgivable. I hope people like this would get help before it becomes so bad things like this happen. And try to stop all the suicides that no one writes about because they don't go on a killing spree first.

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comedic simulator is a strange term. A simulator should be realistic. Like Flight Simulator. Otherwise it is per definition not a simulator.

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I've not lived in the US, but I imagine California to be the place to be. Moving from sunny California to cold New York seems like the wrong move. And also it seems like 90% of the video game industry is in California. But good luck.

What is next? Giantbomb South (based in Austin, Texas)? Giantbomb Europe? Giantbomb Australia?