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I've not finished the first game. I bought it recently. However I finished 2,3,4 and the combat is much easier. I noticed when playing 1 that you cannot use triangle (heat action) as much. In the newer games you can use it against walls, the ground, with objects. The enemies go down really fast.

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Sonic Adventure because at the time I was impressed by it in the same way I was impressed on the Mega Drive. Running from that whale in SA made me think Sonic was cool again, but then you play as Biggs The Cat and you realize the game is bad. Looking back now I would say Sonic 2 is the only one I actually like, but even that is not really that good. Sonic was so cool as a kid in the 90's but the games where never that great. Sonic 2 was the height and I can stll enjoy it but as a platforming game it has nothing on Mario World.

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I just meet the minimum spec. I think this is the first time that 8GB is not enough. Not that I am interested in this game anyway.

I know many people have 16GB these days but I don't plan on upgrading now that the prices have increased and I have just 2 slots so I cannot just buy another two RAMs I would have to replace them. Also the 270X that I have is the largest card that fits in my case so I would need to get a bigger case. No thank you I switched to Mini-ITX years ago and I am not going back to those full size tower cases.

It is strange that I had a 6850 for years and ran all games on max settings and then I got a new video card and it is already obsolete. PC games have really escalated in requirements since the new consoles launched.

I think I will stick with playing games in my back catalogue for a while because I cannot buy a new console and I thought my PC would be able to handle anything for a few years but seems it is not. Every penny I have is going to my fiancés dentist bills and she lost her job so I am not going to buy games for a long time...

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It is a good looking game. I am not playing with all settings on ultra but around half and the rest on high. So it could look even better if my video card was more powerful.

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I am going to see it but I don't have much hopes. I think it should have been set before Episode 1 instead.

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Brand is important. Seasonic is one of the best. Many brands use their PSUs.

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Got mine about a year ago so not eligable even if I lived in the US.

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How serious are you about cosplaying? Growing hair just for that seems a bit much. But if you want to then by all means. You can always use a wig when cosplaying, but if you feel confortable wearing that hair 24/7 then go for it. Personally I shave off my hair with regular intervals. Who needs it? It is just work to keep it looking good.

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@haribel said:

Here's mine~ didn't come out too badly I guess considering that most attempts at making a human female come out with one thing or the other being just that little bit wrong. Only thing I hate about little Haribel here is the fact one of the only decent hairstyles insists on clipping with her ears unless I make them grow outwards from her head like flapping limbs.

How did you manage that? I've made several characters and I just cannot get them to look right.

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Never thought they would reach that number again. I never jumped on the WoW bandwagon but seems people still like it.