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Im going to get the white PS4, mostly because Destany, and No Mans Sky, and i might get a wii u if Zelda is good. But the Xbox doesnt have any games worth playing right now.

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“Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


“There are of course many problems connected with life, of which some of the most popular are Why are people born? Why do they die? Why do they want to spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches?”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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John Drake is the new hire.

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I wish you were here for this one Ryan

So say us all.

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All of half-life 2 blurs together for me, I remember being on a roof, then inciting a rebelion with 10 people and then driving around, and then something about going to antartica and then next time on half-life-2 episode three. And now its been like 10 years.

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I get some real blurry textures on load in, usualy like any UR3 game, but after that its fine. but i haven't gone looking. Although one thing i dont like is that in the menus the mouse has some kind of exceleration or tab-lock which locks it to the nearest menu option. Which makes it act really weird. But thats pretty good for a port. Actually it dosent even feel like a port.

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Olney MD, USA

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Did i ever tell you how i equipped my self with this shark?

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I agree kinect games could be fun, but microsoft cant even get the voice to work in their own menus. so how can they expect developers to get it to work? maybe next time or skip the next generation and comeback as 3in3ct and then you have a cool logo and you also get voice command to work, at least as well as my internet browser running google chrome.

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@castiel said:

Sounds like ZeniMax has started something they can't finish.

You mean an open world game?