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This looks really good, personally im hoping to pick it up for the pc. The only thing that is turning me off is the LoTR setting, mostly because magic in that universe is usually not throwing fireballs, and such. Its a lot more mystical. But I keep thinking to myself; if they named if anything else, if they named it "Jungle Hunter", I would probably still have reservations, but I would still buy it.

So Im probably going to get it. Just because its a licensed product doesn't mean it is bad.

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Regardless of crimes committed or not committed, and defiantly have yet to be proven against a dead person ( good luck getting that one to court )

Citizens of the United States, have the right to peacefully protest. And the police should feel fucking ashamed that they have to walk around with at least 5000$ of equipment to 'passify' a peaceful protest, not to mention the fact that someone bought all that equipment while people there can barely afford rent.

Im not saying there aren't people committing crimes, what im saying is that the rights of the many trumps the rights of the few.

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Whenever I think about 'gamer rage' I always think back to when I was a kid, and playing Super Mario Brothers 3, if she said stop playing right now, I would have a fit. But if she gave me time to stop playing, often saying 'We have to leave for x appointment in 5 miniuets' this would give me time to 'change emotions.'

Basicly I think what a lot of kids, never learn is to partition the 'game' world emotions from the 'real world' emotions, for instance, like when Patrick gets really scared, he has to take a break, just learning how to control your emotions is half the battle,

that or maybe games have gotten really good at making you feel your emotions.

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@ichthy: knife laws in the US are super sketchy most of the time. I've lived in places where owning or carrying anything more than a regular folder or a fixed blade at all or over a certain length was super illegal, and I've lived in places where nobody cared. It all depends on states and local laws.

The laws themselves are usually vague, and even the cops don't fully understand what they mean. You'll see laws mentioning "gravity knives" or "tactical automatic knives" and stuff like that but they never actually clarify what those things are. At a certain point, you just have to carry what you want and hope it isn't illegal. That's really all you can do. Unless you get busted doing something illegal while carrying I don't think many cops even care. It's weird.

In the US we don't really have problems with knife crime like most of Europe does, so knives go under the radar here. Knife crime in the US is similar to gun crime in the UK - it happens sometimes but it's pretty rare compared to everything else.

A lot of gun laws are like that too. Some places dont care if you own guns, and will sell you hand guns on the spot at age 18, some places let you carry guns, unlocked as long as you are transporting them from one location to another. In Maryland, at least where I live, you have to have a gun in a gun lockbox at all times when transporting it ( when its in your car ), and there is no waiting period for shotguns and rifles only, which is dumb because i would be more scared of a person who had a shot gun then someone who had a handgun.

But hand guns can only be sold to 12+ and have a 3-5 day waiting period.

But here i could carry a knife around and it wouldn't really be a problem, if i carried a gun, then there would be a problem, also I cant fit a .22 Rifle into my jeans in the morning.

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I hope Danny O'Dwire rides them home as much as they did about the Samsung Galaxy thing.

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I own these, but i don't feel like taking a picture of the actual knifes.

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@cheebahh said:

Is there anywhere left to go after this?

Fuck I hope not, because I'm about to buy in.

Dual Joysticks?

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@dudeglove said:

@myrmicus said:

@dudeglove: t was 200 years in the past ? Well, you can't seriously argue about the time making him a puppy because he shoudln't be alive 200 years later if he aged in a normal wolf way.

"Time flows differently in Lordran" or whatever the quote is.

As for "Drangleic is in another land" is like Star Wars saying "A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away". I suppose the counter to this is that if Lordran and Drangleic are elsewhere, then it's a teensy bit dumb that the lord souls are found in the latter in NG+, but then someone will fire back that you can clearly see a shattered lord vessel in the Majula basement, at which point you start going down the thought process of whether or not someone at From is intentionally writing themselves into a corner or if they're just being careless or fanservice-y by including the souls of Nito/Seath/etc.

There are a lot of mirrors, and in fact one of the mirror knights attacks is calling a knight from beyond a mirror, i would hazard a guess and say that if it is the same world, it is a prison for hallows. If its a different world, then its a 'mirror' world, and would explain the souls of Nito/Seath/Etc.

@myrmicus Also Atorius was corrupted by walking into the Abyss, whose to say that the king wasn't corrupted by the queen just sitting at his side.

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@rowr said:

This seems like it would matter more if anyone gave a crap about reviews anymore or took them with anything more than a grain of salt anyway.

I mean i dunno, Patrick for example seems to be friends with zoe quinn and seems to do a lot of write ups that involve her. Is that some sort of conflict of interest that he writes articles involving her because he is invested as someone who is friends with her.

I'm aware that's a pretty bad example, tbh I haven't read any of it so i'm just speculating to make a point.

All the bounds and rules of journalism I used to care about kind of mean less and less to me by the day since it kind of feels like traditional responsible journalism has pretty much fallen apart in the tide of sensationalist attention seeking and money hats in recent times.

I dunno maybe i'm just getting old and jaded.

No, this is a good example, Its also why I choose not to read most of those articles, which I can do, and i hope he takes no offence. Patrick writes a lot of opinion pieces, if Patrick, or anyone, was doing a whole campaign about a single game, a single studio, or something, then thats when Integrety is needed.

But you should realize that Patrick might post an article, or Vinny may post a Video, or Jeff might post a Podcast, realize that the site as a whole is aken to a newspaper, and the videos and podcasts are its articles. You have to take them as a whole. I know what Jeff likes, and I know what Brad likes (DOTA) and I can listen intently, or dismiss it whole hardheartedly. Its one of the reasons I like Giantbomb, they speak frankly.