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@alexisg I realized to day that alot of the spam has simmular phrasing, is was wondering if a regex or better a strpos() could just find out if the phrase is in the post of a low post count user, and auto flag the post. But that might require a whole system between the posting to the site and the submitting to the site if you dont have a system already inplace. I dont know how you have it set up.

Just an idea.

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My framerate is fine half the time, and crap the otherhalf, i have the same setup as you 8gb ram, nvidia gtx 560ti and an I5, but im also streaming from giantbomb to my second monitior split from my 560. So im essentaly running 3840 x 1080.

Im running textures on high, vsync off, and get a ping of 10-18 seconds. I am also using my Western Digital Black. I do find that Titanfall will crash when my computer over heats, so it might be over heating your rig, make sure its cool. That could effect your graphics.

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This is going to be a weekly thing, right?

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@gaspower said:

@dagbiker said:

Games are dead.

Just when VR might have had a chance, it gets fucked up.

As per the announcement, Oculus will remain autonomous and will still be gaming focused. They're going to be opening up an office in SF so I'm guessing that's where the expanded applications outside of gaming are going to be done while the other offices like the one Dallas with Carmack will still remain the same.

I dont know, Thats what they said about Bioware too.

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Games are dead.

Just when VR might have had a chance, it gets fucked up.

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Yes. I had a problem with this at first too. I also noticed that every shield i got had less then 100% dammage reduction. most was 80% on a strength 15 shield. I also found that attacks now combo better, or just in genral as opposed to how they did before.

Basicly you attack slower then Dark Souls, and they attack faster. And tanks will need to build Vit as well as Str instead of just Str like last game. because everytime you get hit will still reduce your life. So dodgeing is much better then blocking this time round. I would suguest using a diffrent weapon, and relearn how to fight.

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Yes. Because you can not be more Awesome then me.

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Year of the Ice Climbers.

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I use a credit union. And Capital one. I mostly use the credit union.

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@towersixteen: Maybe i just assume the best of people. Foolish yes. Perhaps wasted time yes. But even if im talking to a brick wall, That brick wall dose bring up an interesting point of view.