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I liked it kind of in the way that Galaxy 2 is harder than 1. Though Galaxy 2 is around 1.25 times harder and Lost Levels is somewhere around 3 or 4 times harder, or more.  I'm a bit of a Mario sadist, I wish they were harder in general.
Mario 2 (US) certainly seems like the now-accepted sequel to the first one. Many of its characters like Birdo have entered Mario canon for good. I hated it.

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I forced myself to finish it because it's the kind of game every self-respecting gamer needs to play. It's an "important" game.    

Word. For example, I'm not an FPS fan AT ALL WHATSOEVER but everyone has to play through Modern Warfare and Black Ops once. And I'm never going back. OH speaking of forcing myself to finish a game...
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I, as many others have stated, got really burnt out on Red Dead Redemption. I had to set it down for a few months.  Same thing happened with GTA4, so maybe it's a Rockstar thing.    

I'm a total open-world Rockstar whore to the point where it's kinda sad, so I can't get enough of Red Dead and especially GTAIV. Can't wait for LA Noire. 
I tried getting back into Resident Evil4 after getting halfway through and it just wasn't happening. Guess I'm not a horror game fan. Interestingly, I haven't finished Twilight Princess, even though I had a decent amount of fun with that game.
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Yeah the comic. I'm not quite sure what truly is the big deal, though. Unless all you got is a PS3. Then it's a very big deal.

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17. Talk to the bartender at Illium. Then order the mystery drink. Then talk to her again. Notice anything different?

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"Monogender" is probably the best way to describe Asari. "Asexual" implies they mate with nobody else whatsoever, and I'm pretty sure they don't have both sets of parts to qualify them as hermaphs. Definitely an interesting topic though. If FemShep has a romance with Liara then what's ManShep doing? Is he too "manly" to be doin any of that?

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I'm surprised so many people like Jack, I for one can't really stand her. Ashley, Kaidan, Samara, Mordin, and Jacob are eh. Not a big krogan fan.
Liara is my love interest from ME1 so she's up there. Miranda's a decent character.

Never got the DLC, so I'd say very close between Thane, Garrus, and Legion.

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After I get a decent amount of achievements with my Adept, I'll probably end up doing a flat-out Paragon run and then full Renegade.  Then play the game in that gray area, having fun with it while using the Lorik Quin glitch to run up both Red and Blue actions and import all of them to ME2. After that, I'll be done with ME1 for a very very long time.

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It's my game of the moment as of now. Made a joke out of Insanity with a level 60 adept plus Spectre weapons and Colossus armor for Shepard and all squadmates. 
Which is better? I dunno. The shooting is clearly better in the second game. The conversation/cutscene camera shots and overall feel and graphical presentation is much improved. The AI is improved. The weapon and upgrade management was ridiculous in the first one. Needlessly cluttered does not equal better. There were tons of upgrades, weapons, and armor to chose from, and I ended up using only about 4 of each in the end.
And the Mako was terrible. Thank you for killing it, Bioware. Don't complain about side-worlds being much smaller. All you're doing in side-worlds is traversing over boring, feature-less terrain for a while, only to get to a very small facility, which is another iteration of the same 3 basic buildings (the two floor structure, the underground research facility, the underground mine, I might've forgotten one). All boardable ships are the same. So what are you really losing with smaller, but more detailed worlds that are all unique from one another in Mass 2?
And the glitches. Oh my god, the glitches.
There are a few other things about 2, though.  SPOILER (not that you should be here if you haven't played both games) 
The story is probably better in the first game. Collectors look NOTHING AT ALL like genetically engineered descendants of Protheans. You'd think there would be a slight resemblance. The more I think of a human Reaper, the more it bothers me. And, of course, Shepard's death and resurrection is stretching it a bit. The first one had more of an actual story and relied less on shock value as the second one did.
I took issue with the inventory management in the first one. I'm sorry, apologists, you don't need 10 manufactures with 10 versions of every single weapon in the game. No. But I DO think they severely simplified it to the point where If I had a gun to my head and had to pick, I would actually choose the inventory management of the first one. The lack of customization kills me. The research upgrades were a nice way to get around that but, still. I could understand if people preferred the streamlined skills management of the second game but there's something oddly satisfying in fine-tuning your Shepard and his 'mates with such detail in the first game.
I maxed out my adept in Mass 2 and have since built a level 60 adept in Mass 1. Comparing the two, they took the balls out of biotics. It's a shame that Mass 2 definitely feels more shooterish and less RPG in that way. Remember when we could Lift an armature off the ground? Now biotics are worthless against regular enemies with multiple layers of defense. Stupid. 
 I might say that 2 is still the better game. But it's not that big a difference to me as it is for others. That's the end of my ramble, I'm sorry.