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Rest in peace Ryan. Thank you for all you have done to this community, hope you get some good durgers in heaven.

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You can change difficulty on multiplayer games (there's a drop down menu when you create a game), not sure how that will affect your single player experience though.

Also I would recommend playing on Normal for easy mode, unless you have literally no previous gaming experience.

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Posting in epic thread, also Brad gives more 5-stars!

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Honestly this is one of the best minecraft rollercoaster rides I've seen through. Best use of environments, art, statues and redstone mechanics combined into one.

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I - like you - had never touched a DOTA type game in my life, however I am more self aware of the result of coming into competitive gamings scene and fucking up someone's game. So please,


Feel at home when you see that both DOTA and DOTA2 images are used for the labeling, back in my day (4 months ago) they were just DOTA icons and I had to play the old match the pictures in the dota item dictionary.

That link is the holy bible for new DOTA 2 players coming into the universe as babies and graduating after reading the elementary Why you suck by purge, middle school of character guides and becoming a senior by reading item stats, character stats. During these excruciating readings and DOTA enlightenment, one must become self aware and practice strategy in bot matches. When you're old enough you may find yourself a nice mate or four and begin your journey treading through the frightening world of match making. It is when the DOTA ancients pits you mates and someone else's mates to do battle and only then you may see yourself as a true Jedi DOTA 2 player.

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Just wanted to get that line off my chest and move on with my day.

That joke has been stuck in my head ever since that podcast, at 57:40 exact.

Anyways, sorry for wasting your time and inducing your pizza craving.

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I think what OP is trying to say is, skyrim is bad because leveling your character past 27 means you have to use skills beyond your "favorites". Like if you play a mage, and you want fast XP past 27, without grinding mobs hour by hour. Then you would have to use smithing or some other skill you never use, to level up faster. (Levels are gained by skills, lower the skill level, the faster you gain a skill xp and xp). This is a fact.

However, the OP then rectified this statement by saying if you level pass 20, you are over powered. So shouldn't going past 27 be pointless?

In reality I think you need to switch to "master difficulty" and restart the game.

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@Daveyo520 said:

@Jokers_Wild: It is the announcer from Counter Strike. Same "First Blood" etc.

Nope, that came from Unreal Tournament. Then used in Counter Strike and many other popular multiplayer mods.

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I need to fill this in real quick. Here's a video of totalbiscuit, a respectable known commentator for starcraft and indie games. 
He is For the boycott, I believe the giantbomb community should give this a second look in the perspective spoken from an eloquent British gentleman. Many of the motto thrown here is the "I have money, I'm going to buy it". But you do not see the principle behind what is a DLC, it is an extra content made AFTER the game developing cycle. This means when you buy a game, you are giving money for the game fully developed up to that time. (Eg. DLC Done right, GTA IV DLCs, something that doesn't impact to the main story's gameplay). If you are buying this, then you are giving yourselves up as consumers, for this principle behind "I'll buy half of this now at full price, then I'll chip in to buy the rest later" kind of marketing. And they are going to push this principle to many other games, and many other platforms, and when you realize it is too hard for you to handle, it will be too late.

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@FunExplosions: Yes, please, I vote we should keep it since it is an entire year of history and creations from this giantbomb minecraft community. Also the zipping the map up as a keepsake, for each of us that invested time into it, incase the server panning decision comes out less agreeable.
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