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@cirdain: I meant the GTX 850M or 860M. I have the 850M 4GB which is about the same strength as the 860M.

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Does anyone know how the game fares on an 850 4GB? (Or an 860, which is roughly the same)

Or is there any site that does specific GPU performance tests?

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@xanadu said:

Reducing the FOV resulted in an almost stable 60fps outside on my 970 and I didn't seem to noticed to much of a visual drawback.

You had to turn down the default FOV to get a stable 60fps on a 970?!

Oh, Techland...

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@mezmero: I want Brock to make a video and say "I DID IT. FOR BENOIT." All Rikishi style.

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I watched the quick look, and I think it looks great, and I am totally getting it. However, that is a TERRIBLE name. I thought it was like a cheap, World of Goo rip-off.

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Nowadays, I only watch wrestling from Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania, and I liked elimination chamber. So, please, someone explain what the hell fastlane is?

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Vinny needs to play this game on video.

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Fuck yeah, Vinny!