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Coming from a family plagued with the hair-loss curse, I'd say the best you can do is wear it proud. My cousin has spent a shitload of money on recovery, but a few years later and it's back to what it was before.

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@finaldasa: The AV Club is what Ryan read all the time, right? Or am I thinking of something else?

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@finaldasa: What sites/sources do you use for your movie news? (Preferably something that works well on mobile or has an app) After Screened I decided to check out a few other sites, but they were WAY too clusterfucks of websites for me to bear.

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Is the Freedom Stream free?

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Don't forget to #RyanDavisDay

Let's all get melodramatic for a moment. That dude, unknowingly, had prominent effect on my life. When I was severely depressed for a few months, listening to him "crack wise" was the only thing keeping me okay throughout the day. Without going into too much details, he and the rest of the GB crew helped me through some rough times, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Rest in peace, King of the Driveway.

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@yummylee: That is how I feel about it, too. There are parts in that game that are really funny. Like, more than a chuckle funny, which doesn't happen often with games. The Torgue DLC, especially, is really funny. The quest where you have to go kill game reviewers because Torgue disagrees with their opinions had me pausing the game to laugh it out.

We also have to take into consideration that, we might have a more jaded view on BL2's humor, because we are (more than most) prominent internet users. For example, someone brought up the Reddit memes in Guacamelee (Damn the spelling). For me, I go to Reddit maybe once every year or something, so, I don't get those memes, and I just look over them. I think the same happens with people who aren't on the forums and play Borderlands 2, they hear one of the memes, and go "Haaa! That's something from the internet! That's funny!"

Also, Handsome Jack is just a villain version of Archer. While that's not very original, I fucking love Archer.

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I've already started it. GET ON THE RYAN DAVIS DAY TRAIN.

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@wilshere said:

The evolution of overused GB words:

gnarly - weird - huh

Don't forget "Dumb"

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Damn. That shit's scary. Glad they're both safe and sound.

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Please correct your typo of the word "watitng"

I really hope my shitty third-world internet can sustain streaming the show.