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It seems like the absolute worst way to go after BL2. The moon mechanics seem dumb, and it is being released way too soon after BL2. Most people I know aren't even done with BL2.

Speaking of BL2, what a shit way to handle DLC with their dumb difficulty modes. I reached a point where one playthrough didn't give me any experience and the other was unplayably hard.

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I looooooooooooove a greasy bucket of KFC.

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Don't call them F bombs, and fuck no.

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I am so saddened that her youtube channel is no longer a thing. Dammit.

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I think when Jeff was the host, the show got really mundane. He sounded so unexcited and bored. He would kinda throw the topic and say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, yeah."

With Brad at the helm, the whole crew has gotten a lot better in pod room.

They should also have Rorie back on more.

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Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

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That interview was so great. I think Big Show is a really boring wrestler, but that interview was fantastic.

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@xite said:

Is there anything that merits the screaming that lady was doing in the teaser?

It doesn't come with a paycheck... so, no.

Edit: That picture of Reedus and Kojima is the BEST.

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@maajin said:

I'm loving all of it too. But you all know this is all building up to Jeff leaving Giant Bomb and gaming journalism for good, right? It sadly makes so much sense. =[

A part of me does kind of see that happening down the line rather soon.

I don't know why you'd say that considering Jeff's twitter quote is "I have been writing about video games for my entire adult life. It would be insane to stop now."

Exactly. He wrote something on his tumblr a while ago, answering a question about what would he do if he ever left games journalism, and he basically said fuck man, I don't know!