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What Could Have Been: Watch Dogs 1

You’re walking along a street, phone in hand, all bored-looking, hacking pieces of information about Chicago’s residents by just looking at them. You overhear a pedestrian talk with a vague Canadian accent, you hack a homeless person’s rich bank account, and you steal yet another mediocre track from a music-enthusiast; and then, 5 minutes of this, it loses its novelty and you’re off to either shoot, or drive in a very standard open-world game.First revealed in E3 2012, W...

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There are only a few months left before a whole new generation of consoles are released, and Rockstar has come to take this generation out with a bang; and that bang is called Grand Theft Auto V.The name itself shakes the gaming industry to its core. We all have our memories with the series. Assassinating a Chinese Mafia head by planting a bomb in his car with 8 Ball, driving around the beautiful islands in Vance’s white sports car, taking over turfs with Sweet, or bowling with Brucie. We’ve don...

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Best Crashing Helicopters Simulation Yet 0

When DICE said they were going to make a proper sequel to Battlefield 2, expectations were high; and rightfully so, because Battlefield 2 is one of the most beloved first-person shooters of all time. Battlefield 3 walks a fine path between what made Battlefield 2 great and what makes a modern shooter. It is smartly designed and the most ambitious Battlefield game yet.Battlefield 3 makes it clear from the get go that this is a serious game. No more random chatter between Sarge and Sweetwater, no ...

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