Dalai's 2013 VGXTs (Video Game X Thing): Episode 2

You're a thing.

Everybody has an opinion about video games this year and people love to make up... wait I said that already. Nevermind, then. More awards!

Funniest Game - The Stanley Parable

I could say that The Stanley Parable is the Duck Amuck of video games, but it's the player that seems to have full control, not the creator. For my first run through, I went the straight path the narrator wanted me to go, no deviations, nothing out of the ordinary. That's fine and all, but the fun in this game is finding new ways to mess with what could be the best narrator in a video game ever. The narrator is really the centerpiece of this... well, I guess it's a game. It's genuinely funny and also points out and openly mocks some of the common tropes we see in video games on a daily basis. Good job, The Stanley Parable. Everyone thinks you are very funny.

Runners-up: Divekick, Guacamelee!

Best Single Player Co-Op - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brad was right.

Brothers is in my personal top 10 despite only buying it yesterday and I had to scramble to find a suitable award for Brothers. Sure, the style is beautiful and I can't resist the urge to sit on every bench I stumble upon, but there are a few other games with better graphics. I'd give it a award for Best Video Game Moment, but I haven't gotten into the good parts yet. So I made up a bullshit award devoted to the game's most unique mechanic. The concept of controlling two people with both analog sticks has been done and in Brothers it works very well even if it can get confusing sometimes. I will continue to play Brothers the remaining of the year and from what I played is just lovely so I had to mention it in some way.

Best Atmosphere - The Swapper

Patrick was right.

A lot of love and attention was put into The Swapper judging by the game's visuals. I believe every object in the game was crafted by clay and everyday objects which gives The Swapper a distinct look that works wonderfully. There's a sense of loneliness and hopelessness wandering around this abandoned space station traversing through dimly lit corridors, wide expanses of space and eerie sounds rarely duplicated in other games. The Swapper is what I'd imagine a modern, dark 2D Metroid game would look and sound like. And if atmosphere is not a big deal to you, there's an excellent puzzle game thrown in here which makes you feel smart every time you complete one.

Runners-up: Kentucky Route Zero, Bioshock Infinite

Game I Should Probably Play More Of - Gunpoint

I should play more Gunpoint. Sometimes adulthood and video games don't mix and I have to make due with the free time I have. There are a number of 2013 games I need to finish like Mario, Zelda, Brothers, the list goes on. At least I played those games long enough to form an opinion on them. Gunpoint, not quite yet. I'm only about 40 minutes in and I enjoy the whole idea of planning my missions, stealthily moving my way into buildings and crashing through windows before escaping with the goods. It's a fine game and I hope to find time to complete Gunpoint because my backlog is large enough already.

Runners-up: BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, The Wonderful 101

Game I Most Avoided - Dota 2

I think Dota 2 might be the most polarizing game on Giant Bomb. Some people swear by the MOBA, others won't touch it with a ten-foot pole. I have done an excellent job not playing any Dota 2 although the temptation was there. Many of my Twitter/Giant Bomb friends are very active Dota 2 players. Brad "Bad at Games" Shoemaker is the official Giant Bomb spokesperson for Dota 2. I even watched bits of The International this summer just for the hell of it. Dota 2 was gifted to me. There is a llama courier which I would buy in an instant. DOTA 2 IS INSTALLED ON MY FUCKING PC!

Never played it, probably never will.

Runner-up: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Best Controls - Rogue Legacy

My family tree in Rogue Legacy is soaked in blood and I couldn't be happier.

Rogue Legacy is a fairly unforgiving side-scrolling rogueish-likeish thing that fed my completion addiction for a solid week or three. After several hours, the game shows its repetition and the rooms start looking a bit samey and familiar, however the gameplay never gets dull. Part of the variety is due to the character traits that change with every new heir. I found myself rooting for my guy to win even though I knew he was destined for failure. My OCD, dwarf assassin with bowel troubles can kick some serious ass, but the reason Rogue Legacy is so great is its tight controls, like Super Meat Boy territory or classic 2D Mario territory. It's pure gameplay bliss that just gets better as you progress through the game. Unfortunately my current save might be useless since I'm currently at New Game +5 which is so goddamn hard it hurts! Maybe it's time to pick a guy with vertigo.

No... on second thought, fuck vertigo!

Runners-up: Super Mario 3D World, Divekick

Tomorrow, the thrilling conclusion! Stay sober, everyone!

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Posted by ZombiePie

Looks like you are in the same boat as me in regards to Dota 2. Good to hear I'm not alone in avoiding that soul sucker.

Edited by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I played enough Dota 2 to realize no matter how much time I sunk into it, I'd never quite get it. And that's okay - I'm content watching the occasional GB stream and feeling like that covers my MOBA bases.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Looks like you are in the same boat as me in regards to Dota 2. Good to hear I'm not alone in avoiding that soul sucker.

You're not. I, too, avoid the DOTA lurking in my Steam inventory.

Posted by DonPixel

Looks like you are in the same boat as me in regards to Dota 2. Good to hear I'm not alone in avoiding that soul sucker.

Not kidding when I said Dota 2 almost got me fired early this year, it is a sketchy territory: do games that reward addiction are ethical? Am I just a dumb sucker that can't hold control of my hobby? maybe both?

Whatever my life is way better while avoiding those games. I'll keep it that way.