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Straight from Terraria Wiki.

"Flamelash apparently has only a small chance of appearing in a Shadow Chest. Anecdotal reports indicate that most worlds, even large ones, will not have a Flamelash. To find a Flamelash, you may need to open Shadow Chests on many worlds. (Possible bug?)"

So there's a chance you've hit a streak of bad luck.

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This sounds like Miyamoto going back to his roots rather than a retirement. It makes a lot of sense since he's passed some of his biggest franchises to others at Nintendo so maybe this is a way to bring something brand new.

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Adding z's to Jeff's last name is the worst meme I've seen here ever.

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Three simple words.

Puppy Bowl Mode.

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Since I don't play most of the obvious Game of the Year choices, my list will probably be mostly darkhorses. To prove this, I believe I have Terraria in my top 3.

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@Little_Socrates said:


So... over 9000? Or just 9000?

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This announcement just screams a dating sim featuring Dom.

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But... it's not a burger. I know you acknowledged that, but c'mon!

I did have one the other day and it was alright. Very steaky, but the sauce wasn't the greatest.

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My guess is bringing the game to the states is going to be cheap enough to where if they sell 100,000 copies, they'll still make a profit. They don't have to do much development-wise since it's already translated and the niche JRPG fanbase will flock to it because of its status as an exceptional game. However if Nintendo is smart, they should try to make an attempt to market the game at least a little bit.

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2D Boy, or the World of Goo guys.