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Of course, most games are just product designed to be relentlessly consumed in a McDonald's sort of way.

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"don't you hold your hands up / don't you take a stance"

Oh, EA.

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EA always manages to drag out Hardline trailers in the most inappropriate times. People must just be dying to play dirty cop power fantasies.

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Into Darkness was just partially Orci, and it was still crammed with 9/11 nonsense. Imagine the Space Benghazi flick we would have got with him in full control. Perhaps the magic Khan blood would have made Kirk autistic, as part of the film's anti-vacc message.

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Roberto Orci is a hardcore conspiracy theorist, and also one half of an extremely profitable writing team. He's best known for co-writing some of the crappiest blockbusters of the last decade, most recently Amazing Spider-Man 2. He co-wrote the last two Star Trek flicks and was signed on to direct Star Trek 3, but apparently the studio despised his script and he refused to alter it.

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Roberto Orci, the shitty writer behind Star Trek Into Loose Change has left the project, with Edgar Wright now in the running to replace him. Orci sucks and is probably legit insane, I can't see anybody being disappointed by this news.

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I never want to climb a tower to synchronize ever again.

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I really don't know what's more disgusting, parodying comedy or seeing corporate execs desperately reach for laughs.

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