Just another day...

NOVEMBER 5, 2012 @ 09:03 AM

Had a bit of a reunion last Friday with the group of friends that could never seem to all get together for about a decade despite all living in the same city. I find it kind of amusing, but that's kind of the way it goes in LA for a lot of people. We've committed to at least doing a monthly thing together, and mostly likely a weekly thing in smaller groups. So to kick it all off, we went to see The Man with the Iron Fist on Friday, and yes, it is as bad / awesome as you would expect. RZA pull that camera back a bit next time. It's your house. Get comfortable.
Russell Crowe seemed like he would be the odd man out in this cast. But in all honesty, he managed to provide much needed gravity to a film that threatened to float away without an anchor. Lucy was fabulous when she didn't need to read shitty scripting, and Batista was a natural fit for his character. This could have been great with a better script, a directorial hand that was sure, and even an attempt to remove American accents from the obviously non American characters. They did after all shoot the fucking thing in China. Let's see what's next for the RZA.
I'd give him another shot. Also, needs less Jamie Chung. She bothers me for some reason.

( Due to an editing snafu on my part, Jamie is now featured at the bottom of the page)

Afterward it was all about pool, booze, and the Laker game. I played like shit, but I was ok with just being with the fellas, and didn't mind stinking up the joint as much.

The pool bar eventually turned into a club, and much fun was had on the dance floor. It was a good time, but I definitely felt like hell over the next 24 hours.

Friday morning I decided to go on a bit of a bus ride. I didn't really have a destination in mind. I was just kind of hungry, and felt like being out and about for a while. After a couple of hours of bus hopping as far west as you can go without ending up in the drink, I headed back to Hollywood for the last leg of the journey. I stopped by a comic book shop (Golden Apple Comics), for old times sake and blew more money than I had intended to spend. But all in all it was worth the stop in just to say Hi.
And then there were Tacos.

Thoughts and more thoughts for those on the East coast.


R.I.P T Dawg. You didn't say much, but you were a rock!