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  • Ni No Kuni
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Injustice
  • Tearaway
  • AC:4
  • Papers Please
  • Last of Us
  • Tomb Raider
  • GTA:V
  • Lego: Marvel

I ain't played Batman: Arkham Origins or DMC yet, but I think those two would likely bump out GTA:V and Lego: Marvel Tomb Raider.

Others that didn't quite make the cut are: Lego: Marvel, SR:IV, Pokemon Y and Batman: AO Blackgate (3DS).

* forgot Tomb Raider was this year.

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In order to discuss this we need to pick on particular reviewers to show their personal inconsistencies with this sort of punishment. If the same reviewer gave the Fifa, COD or AC sequels an A-grade while punishing Arkham Origins for the same or similar infractions then we can justifiably call in the internet bias police. But disparate reviewers or even publications can't be picked on for this as there's too much subjectivity applicable to a review.

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This isn't so much relationship advice as it is growing up advice, but I can relate to your self-perception to a good extent, and just want to give you a heads up that you will end up being proven wrong about a lot of things you hold true, especially about yourself. Those are the hardest truths to come to grips with. And anyone who is down for dealing with you through that struggle is worth the effort in kind.

Finding someone who jives with you for the long haul isn't easy. But even when you find that (there is more than just one out there for everyone, for the record) it only gets harder because not only is being in a lifelong partnership excruciatingly hard work even without children or inlaws, but the knowledge of just how long the road was to find such a partner worthy of your trust only compounds the pressure on the current relationship.

So I'm gonna jump in with the camp that says just take it in stride and put yourself out there. Take heartache with a grain of salt and learn from past mistakes. But give new people a chance, especially when you can relate to being prejudged yourself.

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Congratulations, Dave! You did real good by the site and community for years.

May your parental and other life endeavours be awesome.

Come back soon and often.

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We "as men" are allowed to feel any way we please. But it's unhealthy to set unrealistic standards of beauty for ourselves. Just do the best with what you were given. And if you can't/won't do anything about your body shape or skincare, then well-fitting clothing and a good attitude go a looong way.

It's also helpful to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to "studliness" there are plenty of straight women/gay men who aren't into the whole muscle-bound, chin-dimple look. Just as there are plenty of straight men/lesbians who like women with more fat or a more modest bossom than what we're used to seeing in the media.

All that said, I'm pretty sure you're concern trolling. But in the case that I'm wrong... Welcome to GB :)

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By your criteria, I think you'll find a fine time in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, or Vancouver. There's no reason you couldn't find the time you're looking for in either city.

I'll still put my vote in for Montreal though. I was born and raised in T.O., and have lived in Ottawa for years (I've only visited Vancouver, but had a really good time there as well). But while there's nothing wrong with any of those cities there's still nothing quite like Montreal.

Go there. There's old. There's new. There's nightlife. There's debauchery. And the most naturally beautiful people in the world (IMHO).

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@bigboss1911: I'd argue it needs to stop for sports games as well.

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Justification in Farcry 3: He got Tattooed.

Justification in Tomb Raider: She's a Croft.

Both pretty weak, but I had an easier time believing Tomb Raider's excuse. But you're right OP, Farcry 3 was under-criticized when taking the complaints about Tomb Raider into account. Such is the fate of Lara Croft. She'll always be scrutinized by all sides for being a monolithic representation of female protagonists in games.

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@akyho: Studio Ghibli is quite steampunk at times. Castle in the Sky and Howl's Moving Castle for example. Ni No Kuni is also steampunk.

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I doubt I'll be uploading my gameplay to any social media sites. But I'm sure I'll be watching friends/strangers play games as that's all I ever used onlive for. Might be a little weird for me when I start to notice people watching me though. I'll probably be gazing at a wall texture or prodding at some esoteric gameplay system, realize how boring that would be to a spectator and feel pressure to "get on with the show".