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I think being surrounded by the more Pantheon style DC characters would give it a class that Marvel can't really touch.

I'd rather play a Marvel game to play AS their characters. But since it's crafting your own character that's the hook, DC's the way to go I figure.

Hope it's good. SOE on it scares me a little. Having servers involved usually is the fail-trigger for Sony.

I remain optimistic.
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That's fine by me. There's plenty this year to come, and makes more likely the chances of me playing a freshly squeezed game unlike this year where I only just caught up with ANCIENT Fall 08 games.

It'd be great if Halo delays and everyone who announced "early" 2010 craps in their pantaloons. But really people are just getting out the way of Modern Warfare 2 and Assassins Creed 2 ... Rightly so.

But speaking of wastelands, Borderlands better be 09!
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LMAO @ Threshold!

You gotta be kidding me with that foolishness. Do they really need proprietary rights explained to them?
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For the sake of 2D green-screen fighters everywhere, this game has my support. Plus Veil looks like a badass.

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I figure if this is fake (most likely) this kid's a wonderful, hilarious actor.

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You'd think a major console company would know better than to segment its market so much, so often. Though it doesn't truly surprise me that Nintendo is so quick to do so. I mean, if I could shit in a bowl and have tens of millions of people pay me for samples, I would too. But this can't make things any easier for 3rd party development on the Wii.

Producer: "Which Wii peripheral do we make a game for this year?"
Designer: "Hmm... How 'bout all of 'em at once?"
Producer: "No-can-do. Only 2% of Wii owners actually own all the peripherals." *
Designer: "Right... Right... How 'bout just one then?"
Producer: "What a splendiferously novel concept, sir! Which one?"
Designer: "Er... Balance board?"
Producer: "Nah. That's only like 25%, mostly moms." *
Designer: "MotionPlus?"
Producer: "10%. Mostly reviewers." *
Designer: "WiiSpeak?"
Producer: "Now you're just being difficult!"
Designer: "Can we at least use the damn nunchuck?"
Producer: "Know what? Fuck it! What PS/360 game do we want to make this year?"

(*) All statistical data pulled directly from anus.
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Trolling a eulogy ... Really? Going to someone's funeral to bad-mouth them is very low class no matter who it is, as the living who do care remain alive to hear inappropriate remarks.
If the point of the hatred is to attempt to get people to not care about MJ, GOOD FUCKING LUCK WITH THAT! People with a lot more insight, money and tact than you have been attempting to do that since he left the Jackson 5, yet people the world over love both the man and his legacy.

This page Ryan made is clearly intended to be a small tribute. Judging by this thread, I'm sure there are plenty of other pages filled with haters you can jive with.

"It doesn't matter who's wrong or right, just BEAT IT!"
     - Michael Jackson
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@AndrewB: True. Just today I was listening to an indy dev talking about how troublesome it is to get noticed, compounded greatly by the fact that even people who actively want their product can't find it. XBL needs to step up the community presence if they intend anything to be worthwhile on it, and you're right about that being especially critical to a game based on community participation.
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It's inevitable that there will only be big sharks left in this pool. But I'm hoping it's more of a 10-shark pool than the 3-shark variety.

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@AndrewB said:
" Yeah... it sounds like they lost confidence in the project after showing it to the public for the first time and put it on the back burner; lowered the scope of the project, and are leaving it to rot on the community games menu (a menu I have visited a whole two times since community games was released). "
I agree, It's pretty odd that they wouldn't pimp this a little more if it were any good. At GDC I thought it would be given a little more time to flesh itself out proper-like.
I'm still curious, though. A lot of people have a lot of good ideas, and can make really fun stuff with very little. So all this has to be is "very little", really.
It's not a big gamble at $5.