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@rollingzeppelin: Atheism is the absence of belief in god/s. To assume any more than that quality of an atheist would be illogical.

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As an atheist it'd be somewhat hypocritical to say that I do, but I do...

...If you believe in ghosts then how can you possibly deny the existence of God?...

Ghosts could exist without a god.

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Chrome opens to three pinned tabs: Reddit - Giantbomb - Youtube

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You seem to have a good rotation started (after a lot of wasted cash). You have the most relavent gaming machine currently, and it should last at least 3 years. So if history is any indication you'll want a console or two around Summer/Fall 2014 (after a price-drop, and some good post-launch exclusives come out). Then you spend those next three years enjoying all that goodness, then sell them for a new PC. So on...

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@dominoid: I just downloaded it from GB directly and added it as a song in a playlist until the RSS fixes itself. You can right click the track and "get info" > options > media kind, then make it a podcast if the misclassification bugs you. But that seems like overkill, as the problem should fix itself in time.

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@Milkman: Holy non sequiturs Milkman! Did you respond to the wrong person? I said none of the things you reject in your response, and you sure ain't addressing what I did write. The main theme was tolerance, and very specifically not "don't be offended".

But you've made it clear your emotions need to be understood by strangers, so let me say I thoroughly understand why you and others feel this booby-trap is cheap and beneath you. I agree, which is why I don't click on boobnails and don't frequent sites catering to an audience that isn't me (boobs). But that's where the bounds of our righteous indignation ends.

You know, the kids seem to enjoy Justin Beiber, Katy Perry and all sorts of "idols" I'd consider dumb or offensive when pressed to consider at all. But I also understand, and can happily live with, not everything being directed at me or being so inclusive to my sensibilities that the music industry be held to task every time some pop-star rhymes "lady" with "baby". So I implore you to tolerate my feelings as I express no cause for one to crusade around the internet decrying everything that isn't one's bag, and outright slandering those who's bag it is. That's the definition of "hater" if I'm not mistaken.

But let's be clear, I'm fine with big_jon's offence and the existence of this very topic. All okay by me, or I'd have said otherwise in my first comment (which stated it offended me on the basis of it being marketing, therefore offensive by default, thereby putting me in the offended camp, therefor unable to decry offence, thereby rendering your reply moot). But the comment you appear to want to address was directed at you and not OP. You should read it, sometime.

Oh, and it can often be taken as an offence to assume the character of a person based on gender, or gender based on character. I'm not bothered by it myself (not that there's anything wrong with that), but it might be a trigger to someone else.

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Ones I haven't seen mentioned: Brazil, Seven, Delicatessen, Kung Fu Hustle, O Brother Where Art Though, 300, Contact, Amadeus, Bound, Titanic, The Village.

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@Milkman said:

@TobbRobb: I can't make you care, nor am I interested in making you care but it shouldn't be that hard to see why others have a problem. People don't like being talked down to. To equate it to something else, think of it like when people complain about modern games being too "hand-holdy" with it constantly having things like a giant arrow on screen telling you where to go. The assumption is that you're an idiot who needs to be led everywhere. The assumption here is that you're an idiot that needs boobs to get you to be interested in anything. It's lazy.

Hold on. So we're here to discuss "sex sells", and your concern is that marketing people (those who are paid to convince us we need things we don't need) are insulting our intelligence?


I think if we're honest with ourselves, this topic is no more than a picket sign that reads "Hey, Noobs! Don't Click Boobs!" with you in the back calling the scabs "slobbering neanderthals." So why don't you stop insulting our intelligence before expecting it of people who are tasked with attracting the broadest audience possible.

And to this transparent protest I say; practice the tolerance you preach. I can't make you, big_jon or anyone not be offended by tactless advertising any more than you can make a pro-lifer accept a stranger's right to abortion. So be offended all you like. You don't need anyone's permission, and no one can take your offence from you. But I sure bet when that pro-lifer goes on one of their morality rants about the systematic corruption of our societal values or some other bullshit that might impede on a woman's rights you'd tell them to keep their ignorant, judgemental mouths shut about how others choose to live their lives.

I'm merely offering your enlightened, progressive perspective back to you. This isn't hate-speech or some other atrocious crime. It's just cleavage. So if it's not for you, it's simply none of your affair.

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All marketing offends me. It's an absolute affront to our collective intelligence. The inclusion of breasts changes nothing.

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Make "Assassins Creed Infinity" where I put a different historical figure on the "Animus" to bring it to life within its unique time and setting! Sell 'em for $15-20 a pop, and let me mix and match character and setting. Done.

I just love the engine and mechanics at this point, so whatever gets me in there I'm at least half interested in. But they really flushed the last shits I could give about the story down the drain with AC3. So they can do whatever on that front. Just make the missions not dumb this time.