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Generalizing greatly of course, but here goes:

Action-based fiction is male power-fantasy with poorly articulated, helpless-yet-idealized female stereotypes.

Romance-based fiction is female power-fantasy with poorly articulated, helpless-yet-idealized male stereotypes.

But let's not forget that once upon a time romance was a male-oriented genre as well. And this is a bit "shot-in-the-dark" but I feel that sometime in the late 70's to early 80's the genre became heavy on the themes of female commiseration, and movies about damsels in distress became very distasteful. Both these things feel like an unvitation to your typical, male movie-goer.

I prefer a mix of both, myself. The Princess Bride, Cyrano de Bergerac and Brazil are some of my favourite films, and fit neatly into both categories.

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10% of kids-show characters are homosexual. We just can't distinguish them from the others 'cause gaydar doesn't penetrate the 4th-wall.

But if I can ask a question: What media (if any) could be used to ease a child into a conversation about homosexuality? If I thought it were time to talk about death, I'd reach for The Corpse Bride, or Iron Giant or The Lion King. What if I though my kid (hypothetical one) were gay, or even homophobic. What could serve as the ice-breaker to that conversation?

More to OP's topic: I like to believe Toph from ATLA grew to be a lesbian, single mom. But I could be projecting.

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@TooWalrus said:

As much as I love Giantbomb, they're no match against Snake.

Too many boxes laying around.

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That you listed Demolition Man almost changed my mind. But I gotta go Schwarz.

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Game Music something something? I don't feel very up to speed on the subject, and you seem as apt a dude I can imagine to tackle that.

Also want to see a Encyclopedia Bombastica: "Rescue: The Embassy Mission". Don't know why. It was mostly terrible. But it's that mostly terrible game that brings me back to when I had wild visions of what games could be which are just now coming to be.

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I'm wondering if Elika would count.

Journey had a mother figure guiding the player between levels. But then again those folk were pretty androgynous... hmm.

Well, in Heavenly Sword, Nariko was quite motherly to that cat-eared girl. And in Fable 2 you could be a mother (albeit a fairly estranged one).

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Quick background: I loved DMC1, didn't hate 2 as much as others (but I didn't finish it). 3 was great, but went in a more punishing direction I didn't much care for, and 4 I played the demo and didn't care for the feel of the combat.

On to DmC: I've only played them demo, and it has piqued my interest. I was slightly skeptical about the Dante redesign, wondering why they'd change that of all things. But when I Devil Triggered in the demo it made perfect sense and I now love the choice.

I can't speak to the full game, but I can say that this game has about as much of my interest as is possible with a new DMC. And while I hope it does well, I'm still gonna wait for a price drop. $40 is as much as I'm willing to pay for a game I'll most likely tear through the story once (maybe twice if my girl decides to give it a go) then put in the back row of my collection.

As to the dismay of long-time fans: As an everlasting MK nut I can relate to the hatred of seemingly insignificant changes. But MK always sells in the millions, and if DMC were in that comfy position it would never have been handed to Ninja Theory in the first place. All I can say to the disappointed is that they can never undo your love for the games that came before this.

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Webcomics weekly was a great show with amazing chemistry, but its irregularity did itself in.

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This one guy gave me the "umadbro.jpg".


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I've had a few. Horses stuck on troughs. Me stuck in a rock. Hard crash jumping off my horse. Funky extension of character models. A lot of missing HUD prompts. And a few spots where audio drops out, most notably at [an early victory in Boston] where I assume people were supposed to be cheering loudly for me. Raising my arms to a very awkward silence.

I don't mind them so much, though. It's consistant with the other AC games.