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I welcome 'their' participation in this "cultural conversation". But this conversation has been going on for decades. Only a special sort of ignoramus butts into a conversation they haven't kept up with an attempt to assume any control of it. GameCity prize seems to be the geeks trying to hang with the freaks, so it's a little awkward at first. But, hey, I'm glad their trying.

They should try harder, though.

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@TheVideoHustler said:

He's going to work with Cliffy B

TestosterPWN Interactive.

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I like it. It's a clear tutorial that's not aimed at soccer moms and super-enthusiastic tweens, so I'm pleasantly surprised.

Still not sold, though. I'll wait for must-have games like I did with the Wii.

... I've never owned a Wii.

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I'm torn. I've always sided with Ted Price and Lorne Lanning on this issue. But sometimes, like with American McGee, it feels so unearned.

At least in this case it's just a lead credit, like "A ______ Film" in many movies, and not printed on the box before the game title. Good thing there was no box, I suppose.

Personally, I like the tact of Shigeru Miyamoto, Ken Levine and Ed Boon, who let their work precede them, then take due credit. But that's just me, and I'm sure a lot of key developers get overlooked that way.

Ultimately, I think we need a standardized billing block like on movie posters/cases.

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@Osaladin said:

Why do people have to be so overly defensive for the GB staff?

Because the GB crew doesn't adress the many people who overstate their opinions over and over again. They know better, plus it would be a herculean task. But of course they almost always read the comments to some extent and the defenders imagine how it feels to be greeted with harsh criticism or all out vitriol. Then they feel they need to play good-cop, or all-out riot-cop.

I think 99% of this community could agree that there is both too much bashing and defending on this site. But hey, we are "engaged". And that's what counts in the long run.

In this case, I tend to agree with the defenders, 'cause I think this issue is overstated when taking many comment sections and blog post into account. But if the complaints aren't adressed, how can I blame a paying member for reiterating their issue? I can't. So usually I just read the comments --- get a twinge of frustration with the level of discourse --- feel like going on a keyboard tirade --- don't for reasons that range between "who gives a fuck" to "my point has probably been stated somewhere in this mess I don't want to trudge through" --- then move on with my day.

But your question intrigued me, however rhetorical it may have been intended. And so I bit. Enjoy :)

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Aren't all apps locked to Gold members?

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Five stars for MK vs. DCU. It didn't cause as big a shit-storm as some others, but damn. Jeff was asking for it on that one.

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@awesomeusername said:

Well, at least I'm not in the city.

But wouldn't that be the safest place to be seeing as New York is the only place we know the bomb isn't?

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@Sgtpierceface said:

Tweet to from Randy "@ollymoss You're amazing. Inspiration is part of art and you've inspired us. But the bit that was lifted is uncool, so... consequences."

That was quick. And goes to show how easy it is to NOT be a dick in this situation, and at the same time quell a PR headache and potential lawsuit (which Moss surely would have won, not that he'd have sued).