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@lordofultima: Thanks in advance. 
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    @Meowayne: You've piqued my interest. How is the crew holding the industry back?
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    I don't know why, but this is the funniest thing I've seen all week. I suppose it's because you asked us what to do in a pinch, as if it's going to multiply in the rain.

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    Never cared too much for the old Cole, but the change is still pretty baffling.  And what's with the club thing? Shooting rockets from your palms not powerful enough? Looks fun. But seems silly. 
    But it's all made up for by wall grinding! Hells yes! I don't really care for the fiction of inFamous, but the gameplay is solid. I hope I can grab this one for $40 on day one like the last one. Doubtful, but here's to hoping.

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    @FunExplosions: Carth Onasi? lol 
    I don't think it's necessarily bad to be a default cynic. I don't think it's bad to be a default believer in some cases either. The world needs all types. It depends on what your life is like and I try not to judge that stuff too much because I barely know what's right for me, let alone others (and, yes, that actually makes me stupid, not my beliefs/non-beliefs).
    I was just trying to point out that it doesn't make one correct to be skeptical. It just makes them skeptical, and I've seen idiots and smart people on both sides. But neither position requires stupidity to hold.
    Actually the person I know with the beliefs I'd most consider ludicrous, she gets straight A+ on ALL of her high-level, scientific uni courses, and is an upstanding citizen in just about every way I can think of (she's even a good driver ... the bitch). She retains information like vault. It's ridiculous. I struggled with with a bachelors in Media Arts. Who the fuck am I to judge her for something that makes her excellence possible when it hurts no one else? 
    No one, that's who. Just like all the hilarious folks who will come in here and drop a quip and leave feeling superior as they offer nothing of value to the conversation.
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    I usually listen to them, as I do most people who seem to want me to listen for whatever reason. 
    Regardless of the existence/fabrication of ghosts or hauntings in general, it's always interesting to try and understand the root of the "haunting". 
    And, no, that doesn't make these people stupid. In fact I know far more pig-headed fools who would dismiss something simply because they haven't experienced it for themselves. 
    I've had a handful of people call me stupid/gullible because I tell them I've found four-leaf clovers. Their default cynic refuses to let them believe in something, just because it appears it doesn't exist.

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    @Abyssfull said:
    " I agree that ''janky'' really is an annoying way the GB staff use to describe something. "
    I liked it when it was limited to "open-world-jank" because I felt it was a funny way to describe something specific. Now it's too vague and overused. 
    Every community has its problems, so I'll leave that to a more relevant thread. 
    As for GB itself, just the quests. At first I thought it was neat. But seeing the outcome, I wish it never happened.
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    @zudthespud said: 

    @Damian: wow. playstation cap? "

    Sony sent it to me years ago with some documentation saying I'm on the "gamers advisory panel". I still don't know what that means, but hey, it was free.  The shirt was some giveaway from a Blue Jay game. The PSP is totally my fault though. 
     I just love when a #!&&@ brings his whole crew, it's just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole through! 
    @RE_Player92: Words! 
    Edit: Just now noticed my picture is backwards. I feel that makes me both more hardcore and douchey.
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    Even though you're the younger, it sounds like you're the more mature of the two. It reminds me of me and my brother. So I hope, like me and my brother, that you guys will just grow out of this. 
    Lead by example. It's all you can do. It doesn't matter that you're younger. It doesn't take age to be the bigger man.