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well damn, were going down to the fishermans wharf and other stuff. anyone other stuff we should check out before we drive over the golden gate bridge?

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boughtt 3 titles so far, at these prices you'd crazy not to buy.

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i'm bringing my family out San Fran for a vacation. After a day there were heading north to Seattle and every National Park inbetween. So my 16 year old and I wonder if its worth dropping by your offices for a few minutes.

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Being a somewhat attractive older man I sometimes get people and women talking to me out of the blue. Recently I had a "cute" check out girl start telling me how a much older man recently hit on her. I have to admit that I had serveral lines to choose from and choose her lane because of her looks. If having booth babes gets people over and then buyers over to check out the commotion, then more power to them. These girls may have many stories about why their there. In the end its just a job where they can make a buck by looking good. Let E3 be.

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Yes, like decisions that are Bad no matter what you do. I'm giving Act I a second play through. I'll probably give it a 3rd and 4th play through just to see how I feel about it. Then do a final play through in preparation for act II

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Alot of shitty decisions. Felt bad I let one person die. The other not so much. I think it took me a little more then two hours to blow through it.

Controls were a little odd to get through on the PC, but nothing a true gamer can't get around. Since I enjoy the hell outa Zombie games and love The Walking Dead, magazine and Television, I couldn't possibly stay away from this.

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huh, just preordered it on steam with 20 minutes left in the preorder sale.

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I was trying to say that Free to Play, to me, means far less loyalty to the game. On a second point, on a month to month basis I seem to spend more money on the free to play then i did on wow. On a third note, I'm bored of video games. :(

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It took me forever to decide to play Wow. I couldn't imagine paying monthly for a game. But after playing for free for a week, way back when, i was hooked an played WoW for some odd 5-6 years. Well, paying monthly made me feel like I must play everyday. Made me feel like I had a duty to my online friends. So about a year ago I finally quit Wow, Now I am playing Free to Play games. So far i'm pretty sure I've spent the cost of a box and a monthly fee on each Free to play game I've tried. It would also seem that I have no loyalty to any of the games. After a few months in I get the itch to move on.

I get the feeling that in the next year I may get to that "I'm doing with games." feeling. Seems weird that I have played games and video games for my entire life, 45 years now, and now my interest them is waning.

Maybe I just need a break.

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Do I need X-box gold to play this game?

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