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Seems some have forgotten that a few years ago... they did away with Booth Babes at E3 because of complaints like this.

Then, at the next E3... all the press did was complain that the show floor was boring. That the booths looked empty and uninviting. They then began talking about how the booth babes weren't objectifying women.

And they were all happy the next year when Booth Babes were back.

Seems we've gone full circle again and a lot of the press have forgotten the stupidity from a few years ago.

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It's funny that whenever anything related to id comes up, people always start talking about John Carmack. And throwing all this negativity and hate his way.

John doesn't make games. He's said so himself, he's not a game developer. He writes code, renderers, engines... that's what he does. Tim Willits was the lead designer on RAGE. While I really liked RAGE, I'll say if you have "issues" with RAGE direct them to the person who directed the game.

Throwing all this negativity at Carmack is like blaming Epic because a studio used the UE3 engine and made Turning Point.

Yes, RAGE had a rocky release on PC... but, name a ZeniMax published game that didn't? Brink, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, RAGE and Skyrim... all had various issues and problems at release.

Also, the majority of the issues with RAGE on PC were in relation to out of date OpenGL binaries in AMD's drivers. A problem that has been around with AMD (ATi) since long before Doom 3 came out.

AMD have always had shoddy OpenGL support.

Also, RAGE was "new ground" for id. Developing a multiplatform title internally... is something they've never done before. And they've said it was a great learning experience. And one they won't repeat, mostly, not using the PC as the main platform. Stating that all future id titles will developed for PC first, then worked onto the consoles.

Really, RAGE had some problems... id made some mistakes. But they were quick to try and fix them and never once tried to deny it. But, because it's "id Software" and the backlash from it is blown way out of proportion.